Yu Narukami combos

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Here are some combos I came up with using Yu to help new players learn the character. If you have any questions ask, and If you can add to the combos, let me know, thanks! Also, why aren't more people playing this game? it's fucking awesome! It sucks that the online is like a ghost town right now.

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Nice video! It's always helpful to see the combos written out as well as seeing them in action. 

I think the appeal for a lot of buyers was the P4 story. Lots of Persona fans bought it and maybe lost interest after finishing off the story. The game also isn't out in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and others so there is a significant lack of players. The new Blazblue game Chrono Phantasma just came out in Japanese arcades too, which I guess kind of split the userbase even further.
I've also heard people describe it as simpler than Blazblue, so it might also not appeal to people based on that.

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@Petiew: Thanks, and I can see the blazblue stuff having a large impact on the community. However, why isn't the game out in Europe, Australia, or New Zealand?

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Kidding aside I still need to pick up the game. Can never get enough Persona even in a fighting game

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@JRizzo101: I think they just cited development issues as the main problem, not even the European publishers really know what's going on. Both Atlus and Arc Sys games are always heavily delayed though, so its kind of par for the course.
If it ever is released here though it might ignite the player base again for a little while.

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