Awesome Atlus USA Feature from Game Informer

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Atlus USA has one of the very best localization teams in the entire games industry. I recently beat Persona 3 FES and have started to play Persona 4 Golden, and the writing is top-notch. I like how they manage to keep the Japanese feel very strong while at the same time making the characters and references very relatable to a Western audience. I know Jeff and Vinny are very fond of the fantastic job those guys do as well.

So I stumbled upon this great month-old article from Game Informer that expounds on how Atlus USA does its job and how it really came into its own with the Persona series. Give it a read! @patrickklepek You should consider highlighting this in a Worth Reading, even though it's a month old at this point. I think it goes along well with that interview you did with the Earthbound guy.

Perfecting Persona: How Atlus USA Bloomed

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Yeah, I read it in the magazine when it came out. That a niche company like Atlus got a whole article that's pretty hard to miss in a pretty big magazine is pretty great.

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