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So I'm in my second playthrough of the game, trying to do everything I couldn't in the first run, and one of those things is the Margaret boss fight, however I do remember something of a requirement of beating all the optional bosses before the next story boss appears in the original Persona 4 although I'm not sure of it.

I beat the Namatame boss but did not go back to the dungeon after I beat it to fight the optional boss and now the week of testing has begun,which if if I remember correctly would end with a series of events that would open up the next dungeon.

Will this have prevent the Margaret boss in The Golden or is it just the original, or was this not the case for even the original game either?

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I think you at least have to beat the Heaven bonus boss before Margaret gives you the invitation (on 3/20 after you get Orb of Sight). That's presumably so that it's out of the way for the encounter. I'm not sure about if you have to have done the rest cos I always did.

So you should be fine. I only ever did the bonus bosses once a new dungeon opened anyway. Never spend more time in the TV than you have to.

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Going to change the title of this thread to avoid any possible spoilers. Carry on.

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@sparky_buzzsaw said:

Going to change the title of this thread to avoid any possible spoilers. Carry on.

And move it from the Persona 4 forum?

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This totally was in the Persona 4 forum. And I posted a reply in it. Now, neither of these things appear true!


edit: but yeah, I think you're fine. The only thing I remember about the optional bosses is making sure you've beaten them all before the final day.

Of course the bigger thing is Margaret's S-Link...

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@sparky_buzzsaw: Sorry, I forgot that it was a secret boss,I'll edit my posts later.

Anyway, I heard something sometime ago about defeat the optional boss before the next dungeon, or something like that but when I look it up I see little mention of it in most sites but sometime I see it mentioned with little detail(finish the opt bosses but nothing about doing it before the next dungeon)

So I'm worried I'll play through all that only to find out last second that I screwed up, I had the same situation with Adachi and had to go back a save file that was two months back, I don't want to do that again.

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Whoops! Now you may carry on!

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Cast Bufu.

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@jebara: I never even heard of that requirement before. I did a quick perusal just now and couldn't find anything about a deadline either, except for just making sure you've defeated them all before finishing the Magatsu Inaba dungeon.

I mean, if you have a save that's only like a week or two back, it might be worth it to load it up so you're not sweating the paranoia going forward. But I think you're fine.

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Thanks guys, I'm starting to think with golden your allowed to do this after the next dungeon comes up.

And I was pretty sure I posted this in the Persona 4 Golden section, I remember searching for it, and the clicking it, it had the Golden background pic and everything.

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