Brad and Ryan will attempt to play this game, predictions/tips?

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#51 Posted by WalkerTR77 (1524 posts) -

I don't think we'll hear much more about it, as much as I'd love them both to play to completion and have a renewed persona 4 discussion on the bombcast.

#52 Posted by Alexandru (345 posts) -

They won't like it. Ryan sounded in the bombcast like he can't wait for the introdution stuff to be over so he can play the game. What he doesn't realise is that that part is half the game.

#53 Posted by prestonhedges (1961 posts) -

Lemme guess, Ryan will die on Shadow Yukiko and subsequently shit-talk the game for weeks.

#54 Posted by casper_ (915 posts) -

yo lets be honest neither brad or ryan is going to get through this game.

ryan is already bored by the slightly long intro section.

#55 Posted by vikingdeath1 (1078 posts) -

I wish I had a Vita.....

#56 Posted by TohruAdachi (275 posts) -

Anyone mind telling me who the hell Brad and Ryan is?

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