Can you Date in this game?

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I am new to Persona and I was wondering if you actually date these fake girls in the game.

#2 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

What makes them fake?

#3 Posted by believer258 (12958 posts) -

Would you consider that a "bad" thing? Your wording sounds like you would hold that idea in disdain.

A dating element in a game isn't necessarily a bad thing.

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#5 Posted by Elfen (58 posts) -

Let's not concentrate of the "Fake", but on the fact you can date or not.

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There is no real difference between making social links with girls or boys. In a game sense it works in the same way. Some can lead to a relationship and some social linking could be considred dating but I really don't think it's a big focus in the game BUT social links are so you will talk and keep other company in the game.

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This looks like a troll post, but I will bite.

What makes porn on the computer or even on paper sexy, its a fake girl right? The girl, in motion, or not is just a bunch of light. Its just a bunch of pixels and a bunch of ink. How is that any different from a video game character.

What matters is the emotion the pixels, or ink invokes. Weather they be words, or images.

Images of that porn star doing that thing you like, or words that are offensive, and enrage. In fact the very words you are reading are nothing more then pixels, they are the same "fake" that the girls in the video games are. But they have passion behind them. They have logic.

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Shit just got real. And the answer to your question is yes.

#9 Posted by Carousel (421 posts) -

This thread is getting out of hand already.


No, you can't "date" any of the girls except a few scenes where you go to the summer festival with them.

There is implied sex.

#10 Posted by Ghostiet (5700 posts) -

Yes. Although the "dating" aspect only happens at the ends of the Social Links per se. However, the overal Social Link system isn't that different from dating. Persona 3/4 is essentially a hybrid of jRPGs and dating sims, so yeah.

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