Defeating Shadow Kanji?

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I did a pretty terrible job preparing for the Kanji battle so I went back a week, mostly because I had no other choice. What level should my party be? What Persona(s) should I have acquired? What items should I stock up on? What social links should I be leveling up/ignoring?

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I'm half way through his dungeon so I would love to hear what people have to say!!!

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Not sure what all they changed for his fight, but if its anything like the original you'll want to be around 22-25 or more. Last time I fought him on the ps2 I used a decently leveled Rakshasa that had some good physical attacks and I had another persona for back-up healing that I don't remember. Just make sure you know nice guy's and the other one's (tough guy?) weakness so you can take them down fast. When they're gone the fight is much easier. It used to be ice and fire, so if that's the same Yukiko and Chie can cover that for you. No need for the main character to switch out of the heavy hitting Rakshasha. Take Nice Guy out first. Without Nice Guy's buffs Tough Guy can't do shit for damage, and Nice Guy heals so there's another reason to down him first. Assuming they didn't change that of course.

Edit: Rakshasa is strength btw, so if you do go with him make sure your strength social link is decent.

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yeah rakshasa is definitely THE persona that is the most useful at that level/boss

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Ares/Rakshasa are great to have. Stick some healing spells on one of them so that Yukiko can focus on her fire magic.

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Get rid of Nice Guy and the rest of the battle is easy. Use exclusively Ice (or Fire, don't remember) on Nice Guy to get rid of him and the other 2 (as long as you are a high enough level) are simple. Level 24ish and you should be fine.

#7 Posted by Mike_Tha_Hero (9 posts) -

How would I go about acquiring Rakshasa? I know the recipe but I only have 4% of the Personas. What can I do?

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