Enough time for max social links (NG+)?

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I was wondering if I had enough to max out all the social links before the end of the game, I rather not play the game for a third time.

the ones I have maxed out are: Empress, Hierophant, Lovers, Chariot, Justice, Hermit, Devil, Tower.

Sun (Band) is 7, Moon is 9, Death is 7, Hanged is 8, Strength is 9, Fortune is 7.

Temperance is only 3, Jester is 7 and Aeon is 5.

I'm on 11/16 within the game... I don't know if have enough time for completion, I'm especially worried about Aeon and Temperance.

Help would be appreciated.

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I haven't gotten that far yet, but I believe that the game allows you to continue all the way to Valentine's Day. That should be enough time to finish up.

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Ah fuck, : /

Sorry dude - but you don't have much time left to get Aeon to max. If you can get that done, you MAY have enough time since you can s-link for most of December without problems for most s-links that are not in the party unless I am crazy and misremembering, and Feb gives you a couple of weeks for s-linking too. Just don't spend days on your maxed party members from here on.

Temperence is the easiest to max in the game because it's on a really regular schedule and Jester is already done for you, since I think the final 3 are automatic due to plot - keep double checking with him just in case though. (oh god, I hope you can do Temperance in Feb... I swear snow wasn't an issue, but I could be wrong)

Anyway - I'd say spend every day for the rest of the year trying to get Temperance and Aeon to max. For the latter, it has to be done before the event with that character happens (end of December? - you can't link with them in the new year). If it happens and you aren't at 10, just call this run a lost cause : (

Outside of those days (that should cover 4-5 days a week I think), just do whatever - but don't spend time with anyone you have maxed already in the new year, I think you're cutting it real fine.


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