Fan-Made Persona 4 Musical. No really, this is a real thing.

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This was from a Kotaku story around a month ago, some fans are putting together a Non-Parody Persona 4 Musical.

All the music original, written & preformed by the people putting it together, as well as friends of theres. I'm posting this because the project has had a lot of hard work put into it, & knowing the GB community, you guys would appreciate it like I do.

All the songs on the Tumblr are rough recordings, not done by the final singers in most cases, so if it sounds weird that Rise's parts are being sung by a guy, you know why.

There's a song about the Kings Game & for every shadow fight, also this should go without saying but of you plan to listen, there are spoilers in some songs.

Because this is the Kings Game, AND EVERYONE HAS TO PLAY!!!


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Never mind then. Didn't see that there.

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