Favorite Persona Soundtrack

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Just post your favorite soundtracks!

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Wow - your taste is waaaaay different to mine.

Anyway - if we're talking about overall soundtrack, P4: Golden wins out (as I'd say it encompasses P4 as well, including some amazing new tracks). P4 wins if you don't let songs like Heaven count for P4G.

As for favourite tracks?

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Persona 2: Innocent Sin (PSP) wins overall soundtrack for me.

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Any Persona music is fine,I have a lot of favorite songs

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@TohruAdachi: Looks like you figured it out just fine : )

Goin' off the wall with this one. I'm surprised it didn't find its way into Golden.

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The Persona 4 Arena soundtrack is incredible, pretty much a greatest hits combo of the P3/P4 soundtracks. Choosing a single favorite track is near impossible, but here's one:

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1/10 of the things I liked about the anime,but seriously would like that song.

Isn't that the Shopping District song in Persona 4? Anyways I'm dying to try out P4A,but I only want to buy it if it's available for PS Vita.

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I love Persona Music.

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@TohruAdachi: P4A has pretty much all of the Persona 3/4 town and shop music you could want (full rip on Youtube):

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"Better yet, my mouth is tight like James Bond. They thought they saw me next second I'm gone. "
"Once again I'm back in the lab. Cleaning my knives, ready for a stab."  
I'm not sure what this has to do with Persona, but Lotus Juice is legendary for making no sense.
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Kinda like the P1 PSP soundtrack alot and this song in particular. In P4 though...

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Speaking of great Persona music, the 2012 Persona Music Live concerts recently started showing up on Youtube and they are fantastic. Not gonna pick out a single song but instead post the whole show(includes some behind-the-scenes stuff but you can see in the descriptions which song starts when if you wanna skip that). Most P3/P4 music and some songs from the Animation are included.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Persona 4 wins hands down for me. Reach Out to the Truth is probably in my top 5 battle themes, period.

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New dungeon music is so good

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Never More; Reach Out to the Truth; Pursuing My True Self; A Corner of Memories; Heartbeat, Heartbeat; New Days; Signs of Love; Your Affection; Like a dream come true; Reverie.

Basically anything that reminds me of the Endurance Run. Very fond of it. Good memories.

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Ever since P4A came state side I've been knee deep in Persona's music. Really love how 2, 3, and 4 have some destenct flavors.

Everytime I fire up Golden I have to sit at the main menu and listen to this for a lil bit:

Dunno why but I get ghoosebumps, maybe due to it just being a complete contrast to all the loud rock, heavy drops, music to frag to I've been listening to lately. "Hey man, sit back, and get ready to feel some feels. :D"

Wipe It All Out is a good one to:


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So this thread is just going to eventually become a compilation of all Persona game music, right?

I mean, there are definitely a lot of great tracks across the entire series, so that makes sense.

My favorite is Burn My Dread - version I'm afraid to post without putting up spoilers, though the reincarnation version posted above is close.

Runner up is Mass Destruction, also posted above, of course.

Wiping all out is also good. Yup, just up there ^

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This thread is essentially just a YouTube spam thread and as such is not permitted on the forums.


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