Free Exploration?

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Oh fuck. Well, there wasn't much point to running around in the Midnight Channel hub area so maybe they streamlined only that specific part (among a few others). Or maybe it's just concept art. Whatever it is, I heavily doubt they'll pursue the P3P route with P4 Golden. At least, I hope they don't.

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I've never been more intrigued of a screencap of guys sitting on scooters. Anyway, it's hard to say but I've a feeling the Vita should be able to render all the scenes in real time since it's more powerful then the PSP. Hell, if Naughty Dog can put Uncharted on the Vita then why not P4P?

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That's just fan art. I've seen it around the web for awhile now in wallpaper form.

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That's a relief. I was thinking that might be the case after realizing that it wouldn't make much sense for the MC to be standing in the middle. Weird that they'd make that the biggest "screenshot".
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: fanart
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@benjaebe@mutha3: Good. There'd be really no excuse for still sprites like P3P for P4 The Golden. Glad it's not happening.
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God dammit, now I have to save up some money for a Vita.

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I'll be honest with you, I didn't mind Persona 3 Portable's navigation at all, it cut out any hint of tedium and it didn't really bother me in a portable format. Navigating that way via touch-screen would probably be even better.

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Giant picture of Aegis from Persona 3.


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@DeeGee said:

Giant picture of Aegis from Persona 3.


I'm guessing for the fighting game.

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If you look at the other screenshots, it shows some 3d character models seemingly animating unlike in Persona 3 Portable. P3P didn't even show the character modes outside of Tartarus, so it's looking like the exploration will remain.

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Dude Yosuke finally bought his bike?! what´s this, and aparently you can ride on your  scooter in some sort of new area good thing they delayed that Vita

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@Siliconera said:

The team wasn’t a fan of the simplified map they had to make for Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable and wanted to keep Persona 4 as close to the PlayStation 2 version as possible. This wouldn’t be possible on the PSP, Hashino said. Development moved to PlayStation Vita where the team believed they could make a game with even more features than the original.


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Here's some new screenshots from Andriasang (love those guys). While we already know that the presentation will be the same as the original P4 it's still nice to see how it looks.  
Edit: Images are watermarked by the way so please don't add them to our database.

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@eroticfishcake said:

Here's some new screenshots from Andriasang (love those guys). While we already know that the presentation will be the same as the original P4 it's still nice to see how it looks. AND IT LOOKS GREAT.

Wow. Playing that on a sleek , sexy Vita with that OLED screen

I jizzed in my pants.

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I'd REALLY like to see some AA on it, so I hope that'll be in place before the release, but if not, I figure the pixel density is high enough on the Vita for it to be tolerable.

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I'm confused:

  1. Why is this a bad thing?
  2. Why can't the Vita handle more?
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@Video_Game_King:  that picture is a fan made so you can actually explore the town like you could in the PS2 (aparently you can use a scooter now whoo!), it kinda suck in the P3P version that you couldn´t explore but it was no biggie you just  didn´t have that much immersion
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I liked P3P's system better.

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Maybe you can touch the characters you want to talk to in hubs, it's faster than walking up to them. I gotta admit I'd rather have free control than that P3P stuff though.

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