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I didn't play Persona 4 originally and I am really enjoying this but I am using a guide to help with leveling social stuff so I don't lose track of my time but via the guide I should be a few levels higher in my s. link with nanako, dojima and now with Marie.  
I have every character stat (expression, courage, etc.) up to or over 3 but at night if I try to hang with Nanako or Dojima neither will go even try to do one of the events to allow me to level and now on 6/12 I just tried to hang out with Marie with a Aeon persona and it just did this random scene where they talked but no event to allow me to level up. 
My current S. Link levels with them are Dojima rank 3, Nanako rank 3, and Marie rank 2.  
Anyone know what I could of screwed up? I am enjoying the game but I don't want to have to nearly restart the game (I have a safe save for when you finally get control of your character for the first time).

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Did you pick the best responses to get the most 'points' (the yellow music notes)? Marie, in particular, I've found to be difficult since her Rank Up events are super long and it's hard to know what she wants to hear. You won't always be able to rank up consecutive times, especially with Nanako. You don't have to worry about restarting the game anyway, not this early on. You'll have plenty of time to max those links and it doesn't even matter if you don't max all of them.

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Alright, I kinda figured that you can't really "100%" this game until doing new game plus right?

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Not necessarily, you can do everything in one playthrough but you won't have a lot of fun trying to do so in your first playthrough. You'll have to meticulously follow a guide. Just play naturally is my advice.

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Yup, just play naturally for your first playthrough to experience the content and see how ya do. Then, when your characteristics are maxed, go max em out in ng+

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@Mcfart said:

Yup, just play naturally for your first playthrough to experience the content and see how ya do. Then, when your characteristics are maxed, go max em out in ng+

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@Meteor_VII: it's very very tough to get it done your first time through.

I just finished my first run of golden (and I played the original game 3 times before >_>) and I ended up with everything maxed except Hermit and Lovers, which were both at 9. I was gutted, but whatever - there are new bits in this game which made the whole thing worth it.

That said, the last 2 times I played this game it was on a new game + save, so max s-linking was easy (you could do it in vanilla with a month to spare). From what I've read, it's about the same here - having the extra time where you don't need to read books / work etc really helps (eg. you can spend time with people at night or use the shine to speed things up).

Anywho, the reason I probably failed this time round was that I spent time seeing the new stuff like going to the hot springs with people and swimming out to sea (and I didn't follow a guide).

You are following a guide though, and they're generally pretty darn good. Don't sweat a couple of lost days (and don't worry if you fall behind the guide by 1 level of link or so) - they're made so you have a bunch of spare time left a the end to cover that stuff up, and they can't be perfect as there are a couple of random factors to the s-link process.

In general, getting the maximum points per meeting is essential, and the guides out there help you do this anyways. Stick with it, losing a day here and there isn't the end of the world. Just make sure toget the Jester arcana to 6 before November, the Aeon arcana to 10 before December 24th, Nanako/Dojima ASAP as natural and the Empress arcana maxed before February. The last one takes no time, just a lot of cash and fusing - I checked on this playthrough and you can't max it on the last day (which I think you used to be able to).

ED: I'll also note along with the others:

@Colourful_Hippie said:

@Mcfart said:

Yup, just play naturally for your first playthrough to experience the content and see how ya do. Then, when your characteristics are maxed, go max em out in ng+

The time-pressure can ruin the game if you let it get to you. Just have fun with it this time round, seeing as it's your first.

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The game does tell you in this whether or not you are close enough to level up before you decide to spend time with someone, so you know whether or not you'll level up. Both Marie and Adachi seem hard to level up as their conversations don't offer enough points to immediately trigger another level up after you hang out with them.

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For the first playthrough there's some things you can't say because a stat may be too low at that point. Those options probably give more of those little musical notes which is why you're probably not ranking up at the same pace as the guide. Spend time with them if you don't have anything more important to do that day and you should rank up again eventually. Barring that, if it's a rainy day (when most social links are not available) and you don't want to go into the TV world/Aiya, check out the shrine and draw one of those fortune slips to try and improve your relationship with that person. With any luck the next time you speak with them "your relationship will be able to become closer soon". Also at a certain point you'll need to grind out a specific stat to be able to continue with them. I'll echo everyone else, don't really worry about it and have fun with the game, you can always max everyone out in another playthrough.

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@redyoshi: Does drawing a slip take time? I remember you could pray before

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@AlisterCat: It does. It's pretty silly that it takes Protagonist a whole afternoon to tie a fortune to a tree but I guess it would be easy to exploit otherwise.

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@redyoshi: Just limit it to one a day. It's silly that there's difficulty to the combat and dungeons, but for social links it's either you follow the rules precisely, or you have a hard time. No leniency at all.

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@AlisterCat: Yeah, that's probably a less annoying way to handle this stuff. Draw one and then after that have it say "It seems to be empty, check back tomorrow". But I think I remember it saying that it won't give the same benefits as actually hanging out with that person, and should just be used as a little boost, which is why it's better to use it on days with not much else going on. So it is kind of a shortcut that doesn't even have to be there, but I do wish that it would warn before anything that will take up time. They are pretty inconsistent with stuff like that which I why I save before doing anything I'm unfamiliar with in the game for the first time.

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