Is this worth playing if I've beaten the first one?

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I didn't want to make a new thread, but I couldn't find one with this question, and google isn't helping me here either. So I want an honest answer from you guys - is this game worth playing even though I've beaten the PS2 version twice? The first time was a blind playthrough, and the second time I 100% it using a guide, so I've seen almost everything the game had to offer before.

Is there enough new content here to make this a fresh experience, or would it feel like I'm just playing the same game over again? It sounds like a lot of new content was added, but I don't know if it just amounts to a bunch of added mini-games, or whether it's meaty content that adds really new experiences to the game.

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It depends on how much you enjoy the gameplay/world I suppose. Is it a story you wouldn't mind retreading? Do you enjoy the core combat experience? Do you want to hear a Chie that can actually act? If you don't care that much then you can always just YouTube all the additional stuff since it mostly amounts to a bunch of cutscenes scattered throughout, although the extra dungeon puts an interesting spin on everything. I suppose you liked it enough to play through it to 70% then 100%. You could always just think of it as playing the game a third time to 120%.

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Yeah, after reading up on it, I'll probably go ahead and download it. I loved the hell out of this game, so it will probably be worth it.

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