Jeric's Super Golden Persona 4 Adventure!

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#151 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2561 posts) -

@metalsnakezero said:

@Jeric: Why didn't you talk to the Spanish girl!? You get a nice charming moment with her.

The girl who starts talking to you in another language? I missed her my first time through the game too. Yeah, she's probably the coolest of the chicks in that scene - though is sortof a bitch all the same. Sigh, them big city girls.

#152 Posted by OmegaChosen (645 posts) -

Spanish girl wasn't getting out of the conversation that easy. Yeah, I know spanish, little girl. What now!?

Next update should be pretty big, huh?

#153 Posted by Jeric (146 posts) -

I'll definitely look out for the senorita in NG+.

What IS a shitbird, anyway? A bird made of feces?!
Oh hell naw, it's Duke fuckin' Nukem!
That's never a good sign. Oh crap...
Let's just hope we're getting Punk'd, Brosuke..!
Kanji Senses, Tingling! God help us all...
Was she worth the weight, Yosuke?
WHAAAA!? She learned King Dedede's up-special!
B-burn the witch..!
"Nothing to see here, folks."
Guess Yosuke saw Thinner, or Drag Me To Hell, or whatever other crummy horror movie revolves around gypsy curses.
Hanako's gravitational force touched Kanji's heart.
All a plot for some sweet bromance... Yosuke's scheming to satisfy his bicuriosity!
He's ready for the end, seriously.
...So I read a book and get some feels.
#154 Posted by TohruAdachi (261 posts) -

: Oh Kanji!

#155 Posted by metalsnakezero (2295 posts) -

So many feels :D

#156 Posted by wchigo (548 posts) -

Nice, this is all classic stuff!

It's all made so much better by the fact that I recently played through Kanji's storyline in Persona 4 Arena. That definitely made me a bigger fan of his, especially with the great enthusiasm put in by Troy Baker. Really loved the part in Yu's story where you can choose to look at Yosuke or Kanji to have them back you up, and when you look at Kanji he ends up blushing and looking away. I practically fell off my bed laughing at that!! XD

#157 Edited by Jeric (146 posts) -

@wchigo: Maaan I've had P4 Arena since launch and I still haven't finished the story mode. I dunno, just haven't had much time for it, and I'm not a huge fan of all the bush-beating that Aksys did with it. Sometimes I feel like just fast-forwarding the story and getting it over with. Mostly because the "thought narration" goes on for ages, usually describing something that is simple enough to understand through the dialogue. But alas, I want to get the best out of the story.

Aaaanyway, here's today's stuff.

Me at the grocery store, every time.
Welllll, glad you're so certain about this! (Shiiiiiiit)
I'd say something witty, but I have no idea how you're supposed to dispose of a bike.
Well it's from off-planet alright!
She'd better not try it. Nobody has Posumudi.
That's always a great sign. Excuse me while I go to vomit in a bush.
10/10 line delivery. AAARGHAWRGAHGRHAGHWWWW!
Chie's really spicy, and Yukiko's kinda mild... Now I know not to have them at the same time.
I could pull this quote and use it in a review for Project X.
I'll show YOU some textures..!
You watched The Blob destroy your bike and THIS is what breaks you? Must be serious. NEXT TIME: WE TRY THAT SLOP!
#158 Posted by wchigo (548 posts) -

@Jeric: Yeah, I'm finding myself "skipping" a lot of the things that kind of overlap, such as the early portions of Yu, Yosuke, Yukiko and Chie's stories, in order to get into the meat of things more quickly. It can drag on longer than desirable at times, but ultimately I've still really enjoyed it and I'm finding it still hits a lot of the same notes that P4 did 4 years ago, especially with the music.

#159 Posted by Jeric (146 posts) -

Awright, it's Christmas, so I've got a very special update today!

This... This will take an inhuman level of bravery to conquer!
W-wait a minute, no! This can't be...
What, no! NOOOO!

Uh, well I hope you guys had as much fun with this as I did. Looks like our journey has come to an end. Merry Christmas to you all.

#160 Posted by wchigo (548 posts) -

@Jeric: Haha, what a twist! Merry Christmas to you good sir, can't wait to see what the new year will bring in. :D

#161 Posted by Jeric (146 posts) -

Of course I can't really kill myself off, so here we go!

Glad we bought Revival Beads or I couldn't survive that first bite.
It's RIGHT HERE *zip*
Beg, Yosuke! Be a tool and beg!
Actually maybe we oughta run before someone else gets killed.
So I watched the first 12 episodes of the anime. Really hoping the daughter from Aiya (Aika, was it?) is in the game. I know the cook mentioned her by name once...
Then maybe I just oughta take you higher (haaaaah)
Damn, he's ever professional.
Any guy your age says this like thrice a day.
"You're gonna go on this field trip and YOU'RE GONNA LIKE IT!"
I hope it doesn't smell like someone died, too.
Well he does have Kill Rush...
I dunno, look around you!
But by "hang out" I don't mean "HANG out"...
So you better sit the fuck down, son!
NEXT TIME: We try to sleep and somebody's something hurts like hell!
#162 Posted by TohruAdachi (261 posts) -

#163 Posted by TooWalrus (13197 posts) -

@TohruAdachi: You know, every time I read your username I hear Dojima shouting "ADACHI!" in my head.

#164 Posted by TohruAdachi (261 posts) -

#165 Posted by wchigo (548 posts) -


#166 Posted by Jeric (146 posts) -

Man I sure love working at one of the world's largest malls on Boxing Day. Let's kick back with some P4.

I wish I could see the P4 cast meet in the style of The Breakfast Club, where no one knows each other and they really dig into this stuff.
How dare that asshole spew feces!
I've had dickish teachers before, but none THAT dickish.
Stop getting pissed off at him - why not just piss on him?
Need I remind you that you live in Japan..?
No, but I do know the great taste of Coca Cola!
Hopefully Kanji won't, either.
Don't you be questioning the size of this humongous tent.
Why'd YOU come to this tent, Brosuke?!
Actually I feel safest bringing this dude into a dungeon.
"Shoving feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken." ~Tyler Durden
Only Teddie could make this situation even more homosexual. Imagine the squealing fangirls.
But it seems we still have a problem being around you! BUUUURN!
NEXT TIME - We're stuck here all night half-scared to death!
#167 Posted by wchigo (548 posts) -

@Jeric: Since you're in the middle... make sure you don't sleep with your back towards Kanji, lest he play "find the penguin" with ya. Hey-o!

#168 Posted by Jeric (146 posts) -

@wchigo: Glad that he ended up getting kicked in the face, then. There really doesn't have to be a first time for everything. Heh.

Try not to come back any gayer than you are now! :D
I oughta start saying "a man like me."
Hey, you're the one who wanted Kanji out of the tent in the first place!
If they really did get knocked unconscious, I wouldn't mind being Kanji right now
A while ago, he what..?!
She's goin' BEARSERRRRK!
Yes, yes! KILL.
Maybe he used Perish Song earlier and nobody else heard.
But you can sleep with me lying here? I'm flattered.
Yeah well, you're both. Boom, reflected.
I can also sense Yukiko getting closer.
But Yosuke's the cutest gal here... I mean, what? Oh shit, Kanji's contagious!
But you love it when I try funny stuff.
NEXT TIME: Kanji's all stiff!
#169 Posted by wchigo (548 posts) -


Haha, I love that line by Yukiko. Yes, cover her nose and mouth, then turn her upside down and just say she fell asleep like that and no one would be the wiser.

Oh lord, I can imagine it now. "You sense your relationship with King Moron will get closer soon."

Kanji, the manliest of men! His Royal Majesty, Lord Erectus! All hail Lord Erectus! Furthermore, I think a dip in the cold water may do his stiffness some good... Crap, this thread is bringing out the worst best in me...


#170 Posted by Jeric (146 posts) -

@wchigo: It's okay to be attracted to Kanji. If you're not, you're gay. Muhuhuhhahahaha!

Well I think I had enough fun with these gals in the tent anyway.
I wonder how you got their sizes..?
BUT I ALREADY ATE OUT, AHAHAHAHAAHH (okay, I'm done, seriously. Maybe I'm just trying to make up for the lack of perverted jokes in these last few updates)
King Moron would've gotten his filthy hands on my ladies. Don't even joke about this, Yosuke.
That's what it's all about! Kanji knows this.
How can I? You've got me all stunned, Chie.
Hey yourself, beautiful.
#171 Posted by wchigo (548 posts) -


Oh no... Collusion!

#172 Posted by Jeric (146 posts) -
Well you did sort of raid their tent...
I wonder if they just told Troy Baker to come into the studio with a cold and got him to sneeze. That's a solid sneeze.
But Margaret will still talk about my fine, fine body, right?
And we return home to some Power Rangers!
And I see you riding something hot, if you catch my drift.
What haunted places? I mean, besides the TV.
Don't tell me that, now I'm gonna start winning!
What do you recommend? EVERYTHING. Very helpful, Reiko.
"Guys, we don't have any Medicine because I wanted Yukiko to fight half-naked."
NEXT TIME - We don't buy a 50 dollar coffee because we spent all our money on Yukiko's swimsuit which we already had.
#173 Posted by metalsnakezero (2295 posts) -

Yeah that is a lot of Yen but for me I had so much money at this point so it was nothing :D Real money spending area is skill cards and buying back Personas.

#174 Edited by Jeric (146 posts) -

@metalsnakezero: You'd actually buy skill cards? Well I guess when it came time to create uber Personas, that'd make sense - but to me, it just doesn't seem worth the trouble. Like you'd have to get rid of all your other Personas for the right card, you'd have to spend a day's time, and you'd be spending money? Dayumn homeboy I ain't got time for that.

Anyway Happy New Years Eve, guys. Here's today's goods.

Nobody is free. We're all trapped in a maze of relationships.
Is it because you're always horny?
Oh okay, starting to make some sense - but you're still a crazy twisted old woman.
Why can't these interviews ever be... professional?
Even Risette doesn't know what the fuck.
Godammit your questions suck. Her answer won't change the fact that Inaba'a chock full of murder.
Great, I might as well join in!
Handle THIS! *zip*
Marketing anorexia.
Man I love it when NOTHING HAPPENS. You're lazy, Brojima.
Chie's kicks are really hard, aren't they?
Errday they're hustlin'
NEXT TIME on Intervention: Kanji, why do you go to school so much?
#175 Posted by Jeric (146 posts) -

Happy New Year! Been all busy today so I almost forgot to update this.

"If you wanna go to school, you have to go to school."
Good memories for Yosuke, I see.
I'm pretty sure Chie gave him amnesia and he DID forget.
I heard her sing in the anime. She's aight.
...Did you just break character for a second there, Yuri Lowenthal?
Chie agrees - you're friggin' creepy, bro.
Detective Hanamura is on the case!
"Can I meet her too?" -- I wish there was an option that said "I DON'T NEED YOUR PERMISSION TO HIT ON FAMOUS GIRLS."
Imagine how retarded this conversation sounds to anyone outside the group.
By that you mean our next party member - so, hell yeah.
#176 Posted by Karmosin (214 posts) -

No updates? :(

#177 Edited by Jeric (146 posts) -

@Karmosin said:

No updates? :(

Flood protection prevented me from posting a third time - and my man-pride prevented me from asking for someone to post.

So here's some new stuff!

You're right - they have "a magic doppelganger is about to create pornography of me for the world to see" problems.
So ya don't read Privacy Invasion Monthly? Psssh.
Huh, thanks for the free marks, Mrs. I Need Attention.
You sure about that? I mean, I might keep you busy longer than you think ;)
Call the cops, I'm a rebel.
So THAT'S what excites you, eh? Well let's skip class more often.
Please don't mention pegging ever again.
If you keep hanging out with me, you'll definitely go back to being a bad, bad girl.
I don't have a personal servant - but I buy absurd amounts of medicine and weaponry when I go shopping.
She's been killing Shadows behind my back.
You're terrible... I can dig it.
What, do you think they're always wondering where you are? I thought my ego was big.
Well that was quick. On with the bangage?
#178 Posted by Jeric (146 posts) -
Orrrr not. Instead of Ai Bangage, we get Naoki and a lesson about chopped liver.
Of course - that's the idea, ain't it?
Maybe you're just paranoid because someone MURDERED your SISTER.
"Are you going to assassinate Rise Kujikawa?"
That's a terrible idea, kid. Ehehehewwww.
Whoa whoa, age before beauty.
These off-camera kids are hilarious. Some of my favourite NPCs in the game.
"Maybe if you bought me some GODDAMN TOPSICLES this would be one!"
Now I can touch EVERYONE with my mouth.
Huh, I wonder what this is for.
...Well my Expression IS "Touching"...
#179 Posted by TohruAdachi (261 posts) -

Dude still great. Cracked up at the children NPC.

#180 Posted by Jeric (146 posts) -

@TohruAdachi: Thanks for the reply, now the thread can continue. :D

And they don't really care about you. OOOOH GET OWNED!
Your grandma just wants Rise's autograph.
The great take of marriage ruining wallets.
Awright, let's have some $50 coffee!
He wears his sunglasses at night.
Did I screeny this guy talking shit to us earlier? I forgot.
"Mumon" translates into "hardcore."
Well... damn. Someone better repair my broken soul after. I'm looking at you, Yukiko.
What can possibly go wrong?

#181 Posted by Jeric (146 posts) -
This coffee's got balls. I'm drinking balls.
Is it just me or is this coffee getting hotter?
...Wait what? He put cards in my drink?
Look at Sandman, checkin' out Apsara's booty like the pervert he is.
I've been raped. This nut-coffee is used for date rape.
I'll use this line in someone one day, except for the third line.
So we recover from the doom coffee by watching something that borders on CP.
I didn't know Rise could use Cleave..!
For this exact reason, I'll never share porn. Seriously.
#182 Posted by Karmosin (214 posts) -

Haha, holy shit that coffee seemed intense!

#183 Posted by Jeric (146 posts) -

@Karmosin: Yeah - I have yet to use it again, since it costs money and takes up a whole afternoon, but it'll probably prove its worth later.

Look at that sexual tension. Have at it, Brosuke.
Darth Adachi is about to show us the dark side.
Adachi should be all like, "YOU SAYIN' I'M STRANGE?!"
We kill countless supernatural monsters on a daily basis and THIS is what impresses you?
Dojima just really wants to get out and eat his g'damn tofu.
I'll bother whoever the fuck I want to bother. YOU'RE NOT MY FATHER.
Unfair advantage from playing the original. Sue me.
Yeah it's considerate of me to sink 300+ hours of my life into SMT games.
I have trouble picturing this. Just google it.
#184 Posted by morrelloman (608 posts) -


#185 Posted by OmegaChosen (645 posts) -

I never got this. Isn't Brosuke allergic to tofu or something? How will deep frying it save him for anaphylactic shock?

#186 Posted by wchigo (548 posts) -

@OmegaChosen: I think it's more that he doesn't really like tofu/doesn't know what's good tofu and won't eat it, rather than him being allergic. That's always the impression I had gotten before.

#187 Posted by Karmosin (214 posts) -

I always assumed that ganmodoki was some sort of tofu-like thing that he could eat, never looked into it though. =P

#188 Posted by Jeric (146 posts) -

@Karmosin: This is pretty much what I thought. I don't eat enough tofu to bother caring about this sort of thing - until P4, I'd never heard of ganmo.

Anyway my pictures got kinda mixed up so some of this stuff is actually from the last update. Huh. And here I thought I was organized.

Dojima's just worried that Kanji is going to violate our little asses.
He ain't tellin' you if he likes dudes..!
Fuckin' tofu, I'm gonna buy the crap outta you!
Yosuke's talkin' made sense, since we be spendin' mad dollas.
Kanji's a really polite guy, considering how big and loud he is.
...Speaking of politeness - is that any way to greet your customers?
I love this line, it's so awkward. When she says "Tofu?" she makes it sound like they came in without knowing it was a tofu store.
Whaa...what? C...can you just get thrown into the goddamn TV already!?
Look at the complete lack of eye contact. Now you know Kanji's straight - that, or he still has trouble talking to girls.
You'd be sick of this shit too, Brosuke.
And then Yosuke came happily.
#189 Posted by Jeric (146 posts) -
What I say every day at school.
Nope, nope, please no - You're talking to two of your biggest stalkers right now.
Hah! There goes his first impression.
Noooo, he's doing it by accident. >_>
"You DON'T have any of those great features!"
Don't call the cops, WE OWN THE COPS!
You're just full of surprises. Including your inevitable kidnapping.
You sure? Let me check...
Yosuke's a great wingman. Makin' me look good and stuff.
Luckily, Rise's got a sense of humour.
"Hell no, I'm not funny!" Also, I hope nobody's going to give him the D.
#190 Posted by OmegaChosen (645 posts) -

It's been days since the last post. I NEED TOFU.

#191 Posted by Jeric (146 posts) -

@OmegaChosen: As I mentioned earlier, I can't triple post, but I'm not gonna go and ask someone to reply.

Part of me actually likes the fact that I can't post sometimes, because I haven't had any time to play the game since mid-December, and I've got finals. In-game I'm actually a few days before Mitsuo's dungeon. So my posts are getting small (averaging 10 pictures) so that I don't run out of pics to use. But as long as I can continue posting, I will. So here we go!

Nah, but the three dudes she just talked to have great experience in killing things.
I'm a stalker, Yosuke's a fan, so Kanji must be paparazzi.
When she and I get good and comfy, she's gonna need a huge rest.
"They were all really, really hot. Especially Kanji."
With this pic and the one above out of context, it looks like she's describing the victims.
She saw someone who looked like a gang member, alright...
Yeah we all dress classy. Don't be jealous.
Those darned kids..!
Shyeah, it's a tofu store.
#192 Posted by Jeric (146 posts) -
"To tell the truth, I'm THE BEST DETECTIVE FUCKIN' EVER."
I think the problem lies with "kids who know less than we do." We know far, far too much.
Adachi knows what's up. Or rather, what's not up.
Joke's on you, your whole existence is a game.
Dammit girl, stop making me seem suspicious.
We have BALLS now. We're not gonna give him any bullshit.
...We have to fight one day.
No, we met some normal girl named Rise Kujikawa.
Helllllllllllllllll yeah.
Ohooooo, I took a peek, alright!
#193 Edited by OmegaChosen (645 posts) -

Are they even eating that tofu right? I see a plate with five whole blocks of tofu just sitting on it! Do they just stab it with a chopstick and stuff it in their mouth?

Anyway, my guess: Dojima's the killer. Just look at how mad he gets when he catches wind that you're warning the future vic.

#194 Posted by Jeric (146 posts) -

@OmegaChosen: Holy shit, that's a great deduction. It's obviously Dojima. And I have no idea about how they're eating tofu.

Another great deduction. Yukiko's obviously into Sherlock Holmes.
Didn't expect he'd have my Persona, too...
"Elementary, my dear Chie."
Everyone's minds..!? This is getting WAY too fucked up, man. But he's right.
Bullshit. But quality, Roman Bellic-tier bullshit.
I don't make sense, I make dollars.
Monsters, bears, and monster bears.
Kanji finally wakes up and gets in on this.
Enough people for Kanji to shit out.
You've got no idea. I usually get rid of my evidence, but there's one loose end.
#195 Posted by metalsnakezero (2295 posts) -

Yukiko can be either really smart or really oblivious. You have to wonder how she gets through life.

#196 Posted by Jeric (146 posts) -

Sorry about the lack of updates the last few days, just been super busy. So here's a big one!

She just loves her steak-outs.
...or her donuts and milk, I guess.
What are we, cops?
Wait wait, WHAT?! Are these for when Kanji inevitably makes someone shit their pants?
Yes let's just please leave already.
Yes, say that out loud so we can all get offended
And diapers.
He's also going to go stalk Rise? Sweet!
So we can talk about murder while we keep watch for an innocent young girl?
No, he's just a bad guy in general.
Oh, nothing to see here folks.
Now here's three angry-looking men!
Climbing poles with a camera? Spiderman!
"Stay still so I can CRUSH YOUR DYING HUSK!"
Too late for that, now, ain't it?!
"Shaddup!" Because shut-up isn't Kanji enough.
Look at that SANIC FAST car in the back. Asian drivers.
If I focus hard enough, I can do Instant Transmission and hit him from behind. Right?
Looks like he's just letting us hit him in the back after all.
Spiderman is no ordinay citizen.
Then go to some other stalker's website.
And that day, Adachi became a man.
#197 Posted by Jeric (146 posts) -
I know for a fact that it's a crime to kill people with TVs!
Fuck you, my Persona's better than yours.
Y'know Chie's not wrong - but no matter how you look at it, we let that pervert walk today.
See? We ain't got nothin' on him.
Like you're steppin' out of line right now, punk?!
What a nice room.
What can possibly go wrong?
Oh. That.
N-nah, it's kind of cold in here...
I think the phrase is, "it's worth overdoing." Also, *bear.
Beary serious about bearing it all.
I'm sure our minds are degrading with continued exposure. Seriously, Yosuke's on the edge.
No Rush, she'll just strip for TV. Not like she's underage or anything.
I'd be afraid of my friend was rubbing his girlfriend up against me.
Oh man they know the pain I've been through.
#198 Edited by theuselessgod (318 posts) -

Is it just me, or are half the links dead? :(

#199 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7096 posts) -

I started playing Golden this last weekend and when I got to this screen I had to take a picture of it and send it to my friend who's curious about the game. Now he's buying it. I laughed way harder than I should have at this question.

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