Just bought the game.

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I found a copy today that was imported from Canada, I have always wanted to play this game and didn't want to wait for the UK release in February. I'm too scared to play the game until I have more information about it because I have heard if you don't play the game with a guide you can screw yourself by not doing the right thing, is that true?. I have never played a Persona game before and I don't play too many rpg's, I kept up with the final fantasy series for a while but that's about it. So as a new player going in what should I know?, and tips would be appreciated.

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Absolutely not, play your first playthrough without a guide and it will be alot more fun. Use it for a 2nd playthrough if u really want to

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The game is a good length 70ish hours, so not everyone is up for playing it twice. You only need a guide if you are going for the true ending, which is a result of a few dialogue chooses at the very end as the game has 4 endings. Having watched the Endurance Run, they used FAQS for certain dialogue to increase traits, but there are many ways to do that.

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I am fresh to the Persona series as well. I started P4G a few weeks ago and have only used a faq for the school questions and exams. I think you could screw yourself, but it gives you a pretty good sense of how much time you have to achieve the next goal. I am now 50 hours in and I am enjoying it very much. I set the combat difficulty to easy because I am rubbish at turn-based JRPGs. So, just go for it and enjoy the experience.

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Save the guide for new game+. Just make a few different saves and come back to one if you're fretting you missed something.
As for tips;
Game is pretty easy on normal, you'll probably only struggle on the first optional boss.
Try to spend just a day rescuing dudes if possible, and while you don't have to clear EVERY shadow on EVERY floor, I advise killing a everything you can.
Spend your days leveling slinks rather than fishing etc.  Teammate slinks make the game easier.
Make sure to spend time creating a stupid sounding rescue message.

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I just started playing too. I use a guide for the questions at school, so I always get the skills up but other than that I'm just playing the way I like. Play it how you want the first time. Don't read a guide cause it will ruin the experience.

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Golden is a lot easier, you really don't need a guide, just enjoy the ride duder

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What they all said. Don't worry about a guide the first time through. The only thing you might screw up is the normal ending/bad ending branch, but the game prompts you to save right before that event, so it's easy enough to go back and try it again.

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Thanks a lot guys, I feel much better about jumping in now.

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@Asky314159: Does the game have a good tutorial or does it just throw you in?

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@pompouspizza: The game takes ~3 hours to get started. It definitely does not throw you in. That being said, it does an ok job of explaining key mechanics but a lot of the finer details are left for you to discover.

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@mwng: Should i start on easy or normal?

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@pompouspizza: start on normal. normal is easier than easy was for vanilla, only difference is that if you die you don't have any items to instantly revive you in the same battle, but it isn't as punishing as it used to be.

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@MyNiceIceLife said:

@pompouspizza: start on normal. normal is easier than easy was for vanilla, only difference is that if you die you don't have any items to instantly revive you in the same battle, but it isn't as punishing as it used to be.


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