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Lots of new stuff in motion here.

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Yo, MC is wearing the outfit from the beauty pageant and Kanji got himself a biker jacket!

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Dude, they have to put in way more Funky Student interaction.

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looking awesome there

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Compare this older screenshot

to about :38 in the video. Anybody else notice the difference?

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@SonGoten: the Different date? thats kinda strange

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@SonGoten said:

Compare this older screenshot

to about :38 in the video. Anybody else notice the difference?

Hm.. the date is different.. how odd.
Also: @metalsnakezero said:

Yo, MC is wearing the outfit from the beauty pageant and Kanji got himself a biker jacket!

 Anyone feel a draft? ohh la la~
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Basically, it confirms February is going to be in the game. So it's possible that the entire time that the time skip from the original occurs (12/25 to 3/20) might be playable.

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@SonGoten: Oh, we already knew that. New events are replacing the time skips.

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@FluxWaveZ: Oh. I wasn't completely sure if the entire time skip was being taken up or not. I don't remember reading anywhere about whether or not it would. Do you have a source?

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@SonGoten: I don't know whether the whole time skips are actually going to be replaced and I don't have a source either (although I do recall them mentioning this), but the new events like making a snowman with Nanako or Halloween in addition to Marie stuff is supposed to take place during those time skips.

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@FluxWaveZ: Oh, well I've screens of stuff happening in January before, so I knew SOME of the major (12/25 to 3/20) time skip was going to be replaced with new events. But as far as I know,

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@SonGoten: Oh, I see. Well, hopefully it turns out that there's no time skip at all, with the things they're adding.

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Oh come on they're making this even better than Persona 4! I know that sounds like a complain... but it kinda is , I want Persona 3 the Silver Atlus, P3P didn't do it's justice I know that won't happen but it'd be the 3rd Persona 3 expansion think about it! , just listening to that new track an animated scenes makes me want more a re-done version of P3 with new cutscenes and new killer tracks.

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Seriously though, that was a LOT of new content. Holy crap. The only thing stopping me from getting too excited is, as stupid as it sounds, the platform it's being made for. First I have to buy a Vita (which is less of a problem now with so many awesome games), but two - the 3-5 hour battery life doesn't seem conducive to an RPG experience. This sounds like a first-world problem (boohoo, my game shut off only after playing for 4 hours), but it seems like a problem nonetheless. Then again, if I'm gaming for 5 hours straight on a handheld, maybe I'm the one with the problems.

PS From the (brief) look of it, they've changed up the dungeons, which, if true, would be a godsend. After playing through P3 and P4, I am literally exhausted from their randomly-generated dungeons, which are tedium incarnate. I would much rather have 5 hand-crafted levels than 10 (or 130) R-G levels.

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Thank you for reminding me that this will be a day 1 buy.

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@CH3BURASHKA: I dunno, I pretty sure the P4 dungeons were all set in stone. The P3 levels between bosses were all random though.

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HD version

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glad they are packing a lot into this, makes replaying it that much better

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This just reinforces that I will buy a vita just for this game

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Oh man, I want to hear that song in all it's glory now. I've fallen in love with Persona 4 all over again.

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Chie and Yukiko double team? Charlie running into a shadow with a scooter? Man, I really don't want to get a Vita, but I really want to play this Day 1....

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This trailer just made things more awesome for my opinion on this matter. <3

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If they make all these months playable, then they better add more social links so that way we have something to do. Also, what about dungeons? Will we just have months of spare time, with nothing to do?

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Never actually played it all the way through, this gives me a good reason.

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FUCK i was so convinced i wasnt going to buy this

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If there is a US or hell even a UK release of this I will sprint to Tesco and buy a Vita with my staff discount.

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@CH3BURASHKA: I've been playing a lot of Vita games and P3P, and the battery life never seems short (Though P3P is the one I've played the most in one session, and the battery life is longer due to it being a PSP game).  
The wire on the charger is pretty long, so when you're at home you're probably fine, and I can't see myself playing a 5 hour session of one game while traveling.
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That song is soooo fucking SWEEEET!

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