No Christmas Eve with Marie?

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I had reached intimacy Marie as well as Yukiko, Chie and Rise yet i only had 3 text messages at Christmas(i guess Margret doesn't let Marie use the Velvet Phone). If you choose to be loyal to Marie can you spend any of the romantic moments her?

I was surprised to see her at my house on Valentines day. I'm not sure but i think there was an extra line of dialog when i declined the other girls.

#2 Posted by OmegaChosen (657 posts) -

Nope. They didn't add anything for Marie on Christmas. Nothing on New Year's either.

Also, Marie says and does the same thing on Valentine's regardless of whether you did or didn't do anything with another girl. I think she may even kiss you even if you're just friends. If you got the epilogue something does happen if you romanced her though.

#3 Posted by Jedted (2672 posts) -

@OmegaChosen said:

Nope. They didn't add anything for Marie on Christmas. Nothing on New Year's either.

That's a shame. :(

I kinda feel like Marie is like Kelly Chambers in ME2, you could flirt with her but she didn't lock you out of any other romance options. Does she not get jealous if you romance someone else?

#4 Posted by OmegaChosen (657 posts) -

None of the girls really get jealous if you cheat on them to be honest. Valentine's seems to hint that they know but are in denial about it which just kinda makes it worse.

Also, Marie being what she is, she might just have come to expect that kind of behavior.

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