Persona 4 Golden has bug catching, kinda like Animal Crossing

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So catching insects in P4G gets you bait for use in the game's fishing element.

Now, this is a really minor thing to make a thread about, and this might seem silly, but I can't help but compare this game to Animal Crossing even more (like I had mentioned before):

  • There's gardening.
  • You build relationships via Social Links (you do the same in AC by talking to neighbors).
  • P4G will let players visit other towns.
  • Different seasons accompanied with related events.
  • The different seasons have different outdoor music.
  • Side quests that involve helping other residents.
  • And now, there's fishing.

I don't know, it's silly, but the similarities are there. I guess when one of the game's focus is simply living a normal life, similarities will arise to a game that's only based around that.

Also, Rise Kujikawa has a new, third tier evolved Persona, like everyone else. It's called Kouzeon and looks appropriately ridiculous. 

Also, since there are screenshots of Rise appearing in battle with the others, I'm guessing she'll have skills similar to what Fuuka had in P3FES that players will be able to use.

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dear god what is going on in this picture???

#3 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19818 posts) -

@punisherkaos: I think Rise's naked, angelic self is thrusting her soul into Narukami's to revive him.

#4 Posted by Cloudenvy (5874 posts) -

@FluxWaveZ said:

@punisherkaos: I think Rise's naked, angelic self is thrusting her soul into Narukami's to revive him.


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Persona 4, you're weird!

#6 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

Maybe I should just go ahead and buy a Vita now.

#7 Posted by bbrcher (70 posts) -

@Hailinel: I thought the same thing, but since they revealed the white vita, I think I'll wait as long as I can in case that comes to the US.

#8 Posted by JJOR64 (19549 posts) -

Persona 4 + Animal Crossing = Best game ever?

#9 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4745 posts) -

This version of Persona 4 keep sounding better. Anyone know if the original VA's are going to be there for golden? Would be jarring if the new scenes has different actors.

#10 Posted by Phatmac (5919 posts) -

This is so weird.. I like it!

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@JJOR64 said:

Persona 4 + Animal Crossing = Best game ever?

Persona 4 Crossing? As good an excuse as any to post this clip:

Loading Video...

He's Kanji, I guess.

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Yeah... no thanks I don't want to fish in P4 again still the new aditions are kinda neat , I keep forgeting this game is for the Vita and I don't have any interest in buying one of those now.

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This game just keeps on getting better and better.

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Also, your Social Links will call you and ask you to retrieve the Game Boy they lent to a friend.

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Fuck, I'm gonna buy a PS Vita very soon.

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@LordAndrew said:

Also, your Social Links will call you and ask you to retrieve the Game Boy they lent to a friend.

And then after it turns out that you needed to talk to five other people who subsequently managed to borrow the Game Boy, you're rewarded with some sweet stationary, right? And then they passive aggressively tell you to send letters to them that they actually can't read because that's considered the social thing to do?

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nooo the means vita, GET. Hopefully guns of the patriots also comes out on vita so i dont have to get a PS3 also.

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I always thought Persona 4 was missing a bug catching mechanic.

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Sounds like fun. This is still the only game to make be even consider getting a Vita.

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No Idea why I already had this image saved to my hard drive but it seems relevant.

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