Persona 4 Golden New Game Plus -- Starting today, one Day at a time! (Part 2 4/14/2014)

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Hey all! Had an issue when editing my last post in the previous thread, it flagged me for multiple posts. I wanted to keep this journey on one thread if possible, so I'll combine them if that's possible.

Here's my entry for 4/14/2014 -- in which William Rikeru goes to Junes, falls into a TV, meets a bear, and feels sick. Thanks everyone!

William Rikeru is a gentleman
Learning is important
Yosuke hears about our TV fun and is sarcastic
We tell him what's up
Craziness happens and we are in the TV
Is this Picard's ready room?
Then we meet this bear
After leaving the Midnight Channel, Dojima tells us to man up, take some Nyquil and go to bed
see you tomorrow

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Hey everyone -- it's Tax Day in the US, hope you all are square with the government! Today, William Rikeru hears some sad news, teams up with Yosuke to reenter the TV, fights Shadows, gets magical powers, chats with Yukiko, helps Nanako with the house work, and takes a limo ride in his dreams.

This does not bode well...
I've heard snitches get stitches
The plot thickens
the only weapon you'll need
What's this...
Yosuke 2 goes nuts
Parry then attack
Be strong
Chie hates us

What is up kimono girl
We are a helpful Rikeru

Igor tells everyone see ya...

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Pretty cool of you to document your playthrough like this. Hope you keep at it, duder.

I actually finished Golden the other day, and I wasn't ready to stop playing Persona 4, so I went with NG+ as well. Though apparently I missed one of the books, so I won't be getting the 100% completion.

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Hey everyone, it's time for the 4/16/2014 update. Today, our friend William forms his first Social Link, calms down Chie, and sees a different side of Yukiko on the MC.

what does it mean
You got rabies! Hurray
I just thought this clock was cool
Yo I have a castle i'll be there
I'm selling these fine ski jackets
The story will continue...
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Hey everyone, it's 4/17/2014! Today's adventure in Inaba includes juvenile delinquency, shopping, our first dungeon crawl, Chie's Persona, and as always, dumb screenshots. Hope you enjoy!

We leave Nanako to fend for herself
and then we are busted by the police
But Chie knows where we can get more
This guy

This seems like a reasonable upgrade
That's our Chie
That's not our Chie.....oops
Punk banana-phone monster
William Rikeru encourages
Dojima gives us the third degree
King Moron gives us a shirt
I give you tomorrow, tomorrow

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