Persona 4 Golden New Game Plus -- Starting today, one Day at a time! (Part 3 4/18/2014)

Posted by CottoneUD (372 posts) -

Hey everyone -- new blog for 4/18/2014! Today, William Rikeru established a bond with Chie, went back inside the TV, got to level 5 of Yukiko's castle, and went to bed. See ya tomorrow!

William is the strong silent type
give me those digits
Thanks game
why did i spend all my yens on armor
TV WORLD woooooooooooo
hey yukiko
sounds interesting
what does it mean...I guess we will find out

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You and Yosuke? Tell me more!

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Hey all -- late update for 4/19/2014. Today, William Rikeru hears about social links and sports clubs opening for new members, then realizes he is really strong for some reason, decides not to do that and rescues his new friend Yukiko from the TV world! A lively dinner at the Dojima house follows.

@lordandrew William Rikeru is trying to understand his feelings on this strange dream, so no new developments here. :)

This advice is important in love and life
That's our King of the Morons
Let's go fight stuff like this flying knight
Hope I don't regret this...
Yukiko's repressed feelings show through
uh oh
that's right, he's not coming back
This guy seems happy about that
Sushi tonight!
next update tomorrow

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Oh hey cool. You're still doing this.

I tried doing this, but have already failed, haha.

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Late update for 4/20/2014! Today, after saving Yukiko from the dungeon, our hero Rikeru walks to school with Chie, misses a question in class(!), hangs out with Yosuke, and sneaks out at night to go to a bar and walk Chie home.

She's getting better all the time
the teachers who taught me weren't cool
You're holding me down, but
I have to admit it's getting better
Me used to be angry young man
Hiding my hooks in the sand
I used to be cruel to my woman, but
I'm doing the best that i can.
see you tomorrow

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Hey everyone, it's 4/21/2014 update! William Rikeru joins the soccer team and meets a couple of fine fellows in Daisuke and Kou.

Playing the FOOSBALL
Rikeru is the captain in his own mind
These guys know better
That's OK! = Daisuke!
When I was five
And that was E3...
See you tomorrow!

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