Persona 4 Golden New Game Plus -- The Continuing Adventures of William Rikeru (Part 17 6/9/2014)

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Happy Day 0 E3 y'all! Hope you enjoy the show today.

In our Persona 4G journey, Rikeru obtains a scooter license, shops with Yukiko, and works at a bar.

Not feeling it
Domo Arigato
Do your best, Yukiko
today we are learning about MOLARS
and that was E3

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E3 day 1 HYPE? Nintendo, you guys.

Today, our friend William rides his scooter and chats with Nanako.

a mind is a terrible thing to waste
Scooting around Inaba
Rikeru is lost
but we find our way home
More chatting...

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Hey youse it's wednesday and time for an update.

Today, we go the mall with Yosuke and then, Shu-poop-i.

I just did that
...or not
more exciting Persona 4 Golden

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