Persona 4 Golden New Game Plus -- The Continuing Adventures of William Rikeru (Part 21 6/22/2014)

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Hey you all, here's your June 22 update. Today, we meet Rise at the tofu shop and warn her to be careful, while Dojima is suspicious.

I guess so
Silken tofu is a manly food
Thanks Rise!
next scene: kung fu scene between William and Dojima
Uh oh
Yosuke steals my thunder, film at 11

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Hey you guys, here is your update for this fine Monday.

Today, a stalker is arrested, but is he really the killer?

His name is Marvin
shut Japan down
got my combo
Rise is in one of the finer clubs
Will Yosuke curb his enthusiasm

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Hey y'all, here is your update for June 24th. Today, the search for Rise inside the TV begins, Rikeru works at a day-care, and discusses the dreaded Parent-Teacher conference.

That's deep, Teddie
We saw three brown cars today...
hey money
Yup -- "on business"
Will we learn more about Parent - Teacher Conferences...

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