Playing & Loving this, should I go for P3P before sale ends?

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So I recently bought this, not knowing beforehand that there was a Persona sale going on. I've been playing and loving this for the last 3 days, mostly draining my Vita's battery each time. I'm about 12 hours in and, since I have a fair bit o cash left in my psn wallet, was wondering if I should just go ahead and buy P3P as well.

I've read that the combat system is essentially identical in both games, and I know about the visual novel aspect of the daytime interactions ( which I'm cool with ), but I'm not sure how it'll feel to go from a PS2- Vita port to PS2-PSP port. I also don't want to miss the sale and end up paying double for the game if I still crave for more Persona after finishing this.

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Go for it. P3P is the best version of the game

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yes you should.

its pretty fucking good.

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@dungbootle said:

Go for it. P3P is the best version of the game

Site update screwed the poll up, but most people on Giant Bomb disagree. If you have no way of playing FES, then go with P3P but the former is considered by most to be the definitive version of Persona 3.

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Yes, play persona 3 in anyway you can

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Yes, but I'd recommend FES over P3P if you have any way to play that. Depends on how much seeing the 3d models of characters matters to you. Either way, its a game that needs to be played.

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Yeah, you should but it's gonna be a little hard to go back to it simply because Golden does everything better

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Oh I can buy FES as well, didn't notice it was available on PSN too.

And yeah, aside from the loss of direct control on party members, FES seems way more enticing. Alright I'll probably pull the trigger on this. I'm just loving what I've played of Persona 4 way too much, it's easily the best RPG I've played in years, way more RP than most of the genre titles for sure. And %50 is too good to pass up.

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I went with P3P over FES just because I want to play it on my Vita. I own FES on the PS2, but like hell I'm ever going to hook that thing up again. It's too bad that FES doesn't work on the Vita.

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Persona 3 FES is better than 4.

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Well, there aren't many games out there like persona so if you need your fix I say go for it, it is a step back but it's a fun game. Have only played P3:FES myself though.

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DAMN! That edit tool is dangerous, I wanted to unmark this as a question, then accidentally posted this to general discussion 0_0

That's too much power for one poster.

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I honestly don't know which one to tell you. I had a dilemma between the two detailed in the second half of this. The combat systems are not the same.

(Please don't bump that for the sake of telling me that I'm wrong about Uncharted).

EDIT: Also, you should play Persona 3 in some way. I wound up sticking with FES because I was already pretty far into that version.

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Go for it. P3P is the best version of the game

@rolanthas it's a trap! The Persona 3 Portable is a largely truncated version in many ways. You will be missing a ton of amazing cinematics. There is no world travel and everything has been scaled down to menu's. Character animations are ok but those have also been simplified. I had played P3FES for a long time before losing my save and thought P3P could finally get me to finish the game. A few months in I gave up because I thought I was missing a ton of stuff that the original PS2 title had.

If you can get it for PS3 or PS2. If you absolutely MUST play it on the go then get the Portable version but be aware that despite a more streamlined combat system they cut a ton of stuff out to make it work.

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Alright just bought and began downloading P3 FES. Thankfully I have no backlog to catch up, and no game to look forward to except 1 or 2 for the next few months.

Thanks all.

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