Pretty Good(I think) Drawing!

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The girlfriend saw my desktop background and asked what it was, I showed her Persona 4 The Animation (Obviously not going to throw her into the 100 hour JRPG) She absolutely loved it and took her day to draw my desktop background. I thought it was fantastic looking! I'm sure there is better fan-art out there but this is impressive for a day of work, so I'm showing it off!

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Welcome! I liked the drawing. God knows I can't do that with a pencil..

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Souji is a funny way to spell Charlie.

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Oh wow, that's pretty great.

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@damodar: I mentioned something like that and she seemed confused. Go figure.

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@damodar: I mentioned something like that and she seemed confused. Go figure.

Seta Souji was the name of the protagonist in the manga version. Then it was changed to Narukami Yu in the anime.

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