Question about Persona 4: Golden's ending.

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I'm currently at the tail end of January in Persona 4: Golden on the Vita. I took a look at the endurance run's final episodes and noticed that when Jeff and Vinny were at the end of December, the game fast forwards to March. It hasn't for me and I am currently going through the months. I've been maxing out social links and doing little things here and there, but I am mainly just trying to make sure I am on the right track, and didn't mess anything up. As I have been trying to get the True Ending of the game.

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Yeah in the original game it does that but in golden: "If player fulfills criteria for at least good ending, daily activities are expanded to February 14th 2012, giving more time for events and social links."

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Well that's good in that I can get more prepared for the final boss. Just trying to make sure I didn't mess anything up along the way.

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@MrPilkington: Well, you're at least on the road to the good ending. As far as the true ending, that depends. Here is a helpful spoiler free guide made by a fellow Giant Bomb user for getting the true ending:

Golden does have its own considerations, of course. At the beginning of January, you should have said to Margaret that you'd take a risk for Marie, thus allowing entry into her extra dungeon later. Which, upon completion, allows you to have an extra epilogue to the game.

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@TruthTellah: Well, great! I can't remember what I said to her, so I guess I can count that out. Marie was a character that I nearly completely forgot through the whole game. There was a bit with her just a while ago, and I was like "What? I forgot you even existed! Were have you been?" Never really noticed her in the Velvet Room. At least I'm on the track for a good ending and thanks for the link.

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@MrPilkington: ha. Yeah, I think you also had to max Marie's social link; so... *shrug* Well, if you said the right thing, maybe you'll get the additional dungeon.

Though, hey, something to look forward to in your second playthrough, which has perks over your first one. (the option to fast forward helps, too)

It sounds like you could still get the True Ending. You just won't get the additional Golden epilogue. Just follow that guide for the True Ending, and you should be good. If you messed up the thing in December, well, then I guess the good ending will have to do. But, hey, that does just mean even more content for the second playthrough. :)

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Yea you would have needed to get Marie to max link before January and then has the event on 1/2. The dungeon itself for Marie is kind of annoying so if this is your first play through of either vanilla or Golden then it's not horrible you missed it, just make sure to get it if you play through again as it is an interesting addition (or at least check it out on YouTube).

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