Recommended Skill Set for Party Members?

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Just wondering what are the best set for each party member, with the addition of s. link and scooter skills I'm having a hard time know what skills to keep add which to replace.

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It really depends on you. Teddie can be a full on support member or an ultimate magic character. I'll give you builds for each one. I appreciate if you list a specific party member though because every character in the game is good.



Brave Blade/Garudyne/Magarudyne/Wind of Youth/Wind Amp/Wind Boost/Dekaja/Evade Elec

Fairly well rounded character,probably my favorite in the game,he packs-a-punch with physical and magic and fast including with Dekaja he can nullify the enemies Heat Riser of w/e.

Teddie has a large variety,obviously you would want Mabufudyne and Bufudyne,now depending on your party,if you have Naoto you won't need Matarukaja or Marakukaja,if you have Kanji you keep Marakukaja but leave out Matarukaja. You get Ice Amp and Boost if you want him to be a full on magic type,take out boost for Mediarahan/Diarahan/Samarecarm or whatever heal skill. You also HAVE to have Evade Elec on him,and recommended I would have this for him

Mabufudyne/Bufudyne/Ice Boost/Ice Amp/Evade Elec/Evade Phys/(NEXT TWO DEPEND ON YOUR PARTY MEMBER!)


Agidyne/Burning Petals/Evade Ice/Fire Boost/Fire Amp/Salvation/Mind Charge/Fire Break (Diarahan if you don't have Ted)



Primal Force/Power Charge/Regenerate 3/Maziodyne/Fast Heal/Evade Wind/Masukunda/Matarukaja

STRONGEST PHYSICAL! Great combo with Yosuke or Ted in my opinion~ Maziodyne for knockdown purposes


Agneystra/God's Hand/Mabufu/Power Charge/High Counter/Evade Fire/Revolutioon/Dragon Hustle

DRAGON HUSTLE IS SO BEAST! Mabufu for knockdown purposes.


Megidolean/Mind Charge/Invigorate 3/Heat Riser/Angelic Grace/Shield of Justice/Mamudoon/Mahamaon

MY LOVELY NAOTO. You can replace Angelic Grace for an element your party member doesn't have.

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@TohruAdachi: Thanks for the help! I have to take this into consideration on my Hard and Risky Playthroughs.

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Wow, yeah what he said. But I usually build Chie around crits so I keep Apt Pupil and Rainy Death. She knocks many a fool down this way. I had Naoto set up with all the magic (so Bufu/Zio/Agi/Garudyne, Mahamaon, Mamudoon, Megidolaon and Mind Charge).

Other than a few minor details (I think Break skills are useless and if you have the right accessory, you only need *element* Amp not Boost + Amp), I think that list is fine.

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Whenever I roll through a fresh experience with Persona 4, I usually roll Team Bro. Mainly cause Teddie gets access to buffs and debuffs that Yukiko doesn't get, Yosuke is the jack of all trades prepped for any situation with dat phat Masukukaja buff not to mention he gets a good physical attack and is an all around solid caster. Kanji wipes with floor with Chie in terms of being a bruiser for like 85% of the game, and well, that Matarukaja buff! You probably are seeing a pattern as to why I prefer Team Bro, especially in boss fight style situations. That's not to say the other characters are slackers or anything, but I swear my life by Team Bro. Granted, Golden changed a lot of this with social link skills at different intervals and the added tier of some rather OP new skills for your party members. But Team Bro keeps the party fully buffed, and let's the MC just be a straight bruiser and push around any bosses and enemies for the parts of the game where it matters. Works for me. The only caveat being the final battle, where you pretty much can't bring Teddie cause of his weakness. But it's not like Yukiko is some B-tier caster/healer/sucka.

Granted this all falls apart once you start fusing tri-auto personas, in which case buffs don't really mean shit anymore and you face roll what's left of the game with whatever party configuration you want. And I've always been a proponent of having Naoto specialize in light/dark, and just keep her away from any and all boss fights (but that's just me). Cleans up dungeons like a boss though. But at the harder difficulties, it's all about the buffs and debuffs, which Team Bro gives you good access too without having to have the MC pick up all the slack.

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No problem bro,and what Neurotic said. I forgot about Apt Pupil I don't play any more,but yeah you can replace Mabufu on Chie with Apt Pupil. If you want some Very Hard advice I don't mind giving you some. Don't play Hard mode brother,I played that on my first gameplay of Golden and it was so super easy! I did NG+ on Very Hard,but I should note that I used all my money from previous gameplay,only used skill cards I obtained from shuffle time,not previous battles,and used personas from scratch or fused them,NONE FROM THE COMPENDIUM. Also no weapons from Daidara,only weapons I KNOW that you got at that specific dungeon for sure.

SP is a big problem in the game,SOS didn't help me much on the first two dungeons so I completely avoided it. I recommend buying TaP soda (next to Shiroku) and Dr Natural on the nothern end of the shopping district. It's 75+ SP a week which is a huge help. On the first few weeks a lady sells you Tiny Soul tomatoes and other useful items until you unlock gardening.

If you're going to garden I recommend getting Wall Paprika until you have access to Evade ____ on your party member,this is a huge help,but I realized that this was useful on the end of my Very Hard gameplay though. Another useful item is Tiny Soul Tomatoes until you have access to Invigorate 1+ and upgrade it by using Magician arcana from shuffle time which is available on Kanji's dungeon. I recommend getting one cabbage for a quest at Junes mall where a lady wants a cabbage,in return gives you a mighty shovel for the MC. Another useful item to plant is Barrier Corn,it's ultra super useful against Nametame/Naoto!

For social link I recommend maxing Yosuke's social link as soon as possible for Evade Elec and Diarama early on including you can max his social link before Kanji's dungeon since he's uses lightning.Than it's your choice,I'm not sure if it's possible,but right after Kanji's dungeon try to max Chie's and Yukiko's first,I personally maxed Yukiko's first for Divine Grace and Evade Ice which is useful against Teddie. Than if possible try to max Chie's social link for Null Ice. If you replace Chie with Kanji than you can focus on Yukiko's first than. After you get Rise definitely max hers first,but it's like impossible to max hers before Mitsuo's dungeon afterwards,so good luck there. The rest is your choice afterwards since it doesn't matter,but max your teammates social link first,remember to try to max Adachi's before November,and Marie before you beat the true killer.

For boss I used Senri at Yukiko with Red Wall,Bufu, and Hysterical slap. I can't help you much but I think I obtained this from that horse persona that's a Magician,and Valkyrie. I know for sure I used the horse man though. Anyways I had him Red Wall Chie constantly,than Hysterical Slap is 2x so that was useful than Bufu to knockdown Prince Charming or w/e,get him to like 40% HP and he'll run. For Kanji it's simple,I believe I fought him at level 13 and I had an Oberon,I basically just fused Oberon with Resist physical I think from Slime,and had Arm Chopper that caused fear,including he has Null Elec,what I did was have Yukiko and Chie spam Bufu + Agi on tough guys,and of course I killed Nice Guy first. Yosuke just healed with Diarama I think,but also did physical from time to time,obviously you spam Arm Chopper and kill Nice Guy as fast as possible. Once you kill Nice Guy it's a cake walk from there,just keep knocking down Tough Guy. For Rise's,by the time I got to Teddie's I had a King Frost with Ice Break,Bufula,and Ice Boost,I'm pretty sure I was level 23/24. I practically just spammed ice Break on him and kept using Bufula. Used Kanji and spammed w/e attack skill he had along with Rakukaja only on MC,Yukiko literally just healed the entire time. Yosuke just used Sukukaja than used physical,however I only used Sukukaja on him and the MC. Mitsuo I had a Flauros by than and he obtained Gigantic Fist from Skill change day,and I upgraded that to Brave Blade (can evolve to God's Hand,but i didn't get that yet),I had Power Charge on him and than just spammed that on Mitsuo,of course my team was still the same. Yukiko spammed Agilao,Yosuke Garula and Power Slash,Kanji with whatever attack skill he had,same buffing pattern. Naoto was super easy since I had Rise revival from level 10 including her buffs,same buffing pattern,I fought Naoto at level 37 I believe and practically kicked her ass with Makaracorn/Magic Wall on after use used her Gravity Zero skill or w/e,and I had Null phys from evolving resist physical. Nametame I had Kin-Ki by than with God's Hand,Power Charge,and Enduring Soul since Flauros obtains Endure. Kin-Ki I used for all the future dungeons including from Nametame -> True Mastermind. That includes Marie. Nametame I used Makaracorn so that escalated quickly,True Killer I just spammed God's hand and Power Charge,but i had to get a plenty of endurance cards for my Kin-Ki though so I farmed,I had Teddie,Yosuke,and Kanji I believed. Teddie spammed buffs along with Yosuke,and Kanji just spammed his attack skill with Power Charge,Yosuke spammed Garudyne or whatever attack skill he had,and Teddie spammed heal. For eyeball spam pattern,just that I blocked when he used the fog skill. Marie I had an Hua Po with Agidyne + Fire Boost + Fire Amp + Fire Break,spammed that on Marie than true mastermind I used God's Hand,Power Charge AGAIN. Two revivals from Enduring Soul and Rise was useful,I just literally had Teddie healing me the entire time. Anyways hoped this helped haha.

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I've been messing around with my own builds with my persona and team composition in mind.

Izanagi - Ziondyne | Maziodyne | Primal Force | Heat Riser | Debilitate | Absorb Wind | Victory Cry

Yosuke - Garudyne | Magarudyne | Dekaja | Youthful Wind | Wind Break | Wind Amp | Evade Elec

Chie - Bufudyne | God's Hand | Agneyastra | Power Charge | Dragon Hustle | Apt Pupil | High Counter | Evade Fire

I'm still think about the other characters, but I think this will be my builds for Yosuke and Chie.

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