Restore Party SP/HP cards not working?

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Hello all,

By far this is one of the best RPGs i have ever experienced and I am having a blast but having one issue.

In "Shuffle Time" when there is a HP/SP Restore card, it never restores my party, all my health/sp bars stay the same. Do I have a corrupted P4 install on my Vita?



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Umm, for me all I can say is that I've only noticed the healing those things give you once I started finding lvl5 or so cups (higher levels simply have more cups on the card)

lvl1 cups gives you so little hp/sp that you're probably just not noticing (I think it's like 1-3% back).

ED: If you're finding it hard to continue on, or need the HP and SP, try out the SOS feature. When I was playing it my party was topped up for most of the first 3 dungeons (I just spammed it as 1st playthrough is never very interesting to me - I just wanted to see the new content).

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Well, the HP/SP restore cards never restore a significant amount of HP/SP, they only restore a very small amount. Maybe it's not that it didn't restore any of your HP/SP, but that it only restored a very small amount and you just didn't notice. Keep an eye on it next time. The higher the number on the card, the more HP/SP it'll restore, but even a level 4 will only restore, like, 20% of your HP/SP.

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I'm with the others in thinking that it is so little that you won't notice it, and not worth choosing over something better.

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Ah OK, well that makes sense then:)

Darn, the card is kinda misleading, stating it restores entire party. It makes me think it is full, but now I get it. Such a great game, I relly hope P5 comes out on Vita as well:)

Thanks all and Merry Christmas:)

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Yeah they don't give you much. If you can, just keep using the SOS in dungeons, i think that basically every person that cheers you on is equivalent to 1 rank 1 hp/sp card.

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