Skill Cards?

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I was just wondering if anyone had the list of skill cards. I am on my first play through and currently only using Izanagi, I used skill cards to give him Mazio, Dogde Wind, Resist Wind and Regenerate 1 and through the use of the Magican card in Shuffle Time I've leveled all of his skills except Zio and Mazio. Is that the highest level for those skills, because I haven't gotten a Skill card for those and the Magican card won't level those two skills.

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This thread should help with what you are asking. As far as I can tell, zio will upgrade to mazio and then that's it. Similarly, zionga will upgrade to mazionga and go no further. I guess it's to keep you from possibly having ziodyne (or any of the other highest elemental skills) by the end of the first dungeon.

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This FAQover at gamefaqs has all of the skill cards or thereabouts - ctrl+F for "9.1" to get to the skill card section.

But yeah, 's skill upgrade guide is a pretty good one for magician arcana stuff.

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Thanks for the help, was wondering why Zio wouldn't advance.

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Glad I could be of assistance :)

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