*SPOILERS* In regards to the ending.

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The main part of this topic will be behind a spoiler wall, just in case you still haven't finished Persona 4 Golden.

With Golden having a new epilogue of the summer vacation where the protagonist returns to Inaba after the events of Persona 4 and Persona 4 Arena, this almost seems like a way to wrap things up and give the characters a nice send off. However, with how Persona 4 Arena ends, it almost seems like they were setting up for something new after that game. Golden has the throwaway line Yosuke says about the events in May, in regards to P4A, but it's never brought up after. Considering we've had the anime, P4A, and Golden come out all this year, in America, is this finally the swan song for Persona 4, or do you guys think they will continue this story in some way or another. From the way Golden ended, it seemed to me they were going for the 'happily ever after' ending, but I'd like to see everyone else's take on it.

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Well based on Arena's ending,Persona 5 will probably include some information about SEES and the after events of Persona 4 cast most likely since Mitsuru might be persistent on working with them,but they won't be characters that you can use in battle.

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I'm kindof leaning the way Adachi is - I don't think it's over for the P4 Crew, but I doubt they'll ever be playable again.


That is me being cynical - I actually really REALLY want to play as the same guys all over again, but Uni years.

Imagine a merging of Persona 3/4 and Catherine. Adult themes, great characterisation and an expanded cast of guys and gals I've grown to love - though now all grown up. That would be my dream game.

Plus, if things keep going this direction, the threat of Shadows is quickly becoming international, and is something that should be combated by adults instead of children (no matter how cool those children are). I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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If it's not Persona 5, there will definitely be a 3+4 spinoff game/series. There's no way they're abandoning the P4 characters after the huge surge in popularity due to the anime, Arena and Golden.

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@selfconfessedcynic: Usually I'm in favor of moving on to an all new cast and starting fresh but that sounds like it could be cool. Like you said, Catherine is proof that Atlus can handle more mature themes and seeing them in college would be interesting.

I just got Persona 4 Arena recently so I can't quite comment on how the new ending in Golden undercuts that one or anything like that, but I'd like to mention how weird all of their haircuts are. Well, except Yukiko's, she looks like she's about 30 years old but it kinda works.

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I don't think so,I'm hoping Atlus is a mature enough company to let things go. I mean I love the P4 and P3 cast,but sometimes you just have to try new things out,and even though it would be nice to play them again it probably won't have the same feel as when I first played these hilarious characters,I want them to introduce more fun energetic characters with their own unique trait. That's what I like about Persona games.

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I've put my idea for the ideal Persona 5 out there a dozen times already, and I don't really feel like typing it out again... but honestly, Arc System Works has a habit of tweaking fighting games and putting them out again, like they frequently do with Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm totally expecting an Arena 2, that's going to have another story and tie everything up in a neat little bow. Like I said, I'd LOVE for Persona 5 to take characters and elements from 3 & 4 and mash them together... but I just don't think it's gonna happen.

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@TooWalrus: I hear you.

I can always hold that torch though. You never know.

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@TooWalrus: I don't want Persona 5 to continue with Persona 4 Arena's story, but I also don't think that a Persona 4 Arena 2 is a certain eventuality because ASW is focused on Chrono Phantasma and Atlus is focused on Persona 5.

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@FluxWaveZ: Neither do I, exactly. I just really like how they've set up all this Shadow Ops business, and the fact that both Chie and Akihiko are going to be attending police academies seems like a good opportunity to get the series out of High School. It's a waste of time to worry too much about it though, by this time I trust that whatever they do, it's gonna be good.

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Well wasn't arena written by the persona team and golden's new stuff was not? Unless I got that wrong, it seems like they want to move forward with some kinda combination based on arena's ending or maybe they want to do another fighting game. I don't think another fighting game will work that well storywise though, I have a hard time believing the crew would fall for the same trick twice to fight each other. What they go into at the end of Arena seems pretty interesting to me and I would like to see where that goes, but at the same time a whole new story would be great too. At any rate the persona team has yet to disappoint me so I'm looking forward to whatever P5 ends up being regardless.

What did you guys think about how Marie fits into the story now? I didn't really like her or what happens with her very much.

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: I have a feeling it's going to be a whole new Persona cast for P5 and they're going to be coincidental be chasing that person. If you went to Atlus forums and to the P5 section I believe,people are talking about how they gathered all the hints they gathered from Atlus who released some songs and little pictures and apparently the P5 story is hinted currently to be about puppetry. Kind of a dark conspiracy type of thing. The guy who controlled Labrys and made them fight each other is kind of a puppeteer if you think about it,controlling them in some way. They also might be bringing back of fighting shadows in the real world since some people assume it's going to involve mirrors,which in olden days I believe people thought they were a portal for demons.

Also some more research I'm pretty sure you know,we're going to have a new battle engine in such and more new graphics,P5 color scheme might also be blue BASED on pictures,my second guess is red which I have high hopes for too.

Edit: Also I thought I add in more since I forgot about the thing I was going to say when talking about the theory I made up based on researched people made. If the P5 cast is chasing the puppeteer,probably the person in P4A I think they'll encounter them by accident,they'll most likely be working together by than or all became cops/detectives if they're going to be chasing someone who they have no information on,and I doubt money,so I'm assuming they're joining the Shadow Operatives either way. Also another point is that,if that person doesn't have a persona it totally makes since why he's using his puppets in such for his game or whatever,he uses other peoples power for himself,and has the power to create shadows in such. I have a really strong feeling he'll be the antagonist of P5 since my theory connects so much,if you were so strong or had a persona you wouldn't need to use someones else powers,leading to puppetry since he does not have a persona.

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@kerse said:

What did you guys think about how Marie fits into the story now? I didn't really like her or what happens with her very much.

I only started actually liking her when you get to S. Link level 9 with her and she stops being such an asshole for no reason (or "tsundere"), and you realize the internal struggle she was going through. I liked her even more after her dungeon and I didn't mind how Izanami was a part of her and all that other stuff they wrote for the Marie character.

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@FluxWaveZ said:

@kerse said:

What did you guys think about how Marie fits into the story now? I didn't really like her or what happens with her very much.

she stops being such an asshole for no reason (or "tsundere")

Shut up. It's an endearing character trait.

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@selfconfessedcynic said:

That is me being cynical - I actually really REALLY want to play as the same guys all over again, but Uni years.

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Persona 5 might take place after the events in the Golden epilogue. Persona 3 started in 2009, I think 4 was 2012, so 5 could easily be set in 2015 or later.  I believe Arena ends with them going off to investigate or something. They could just not have found anything worth mentioning, and are called up again before the events of P5 but after the golden epilogue.

I watched Akihiko's story mode for Arena on Youtube and ended up disliking the P4 cast. The investigation team were kind of goofy kids, and I think it worked well within the scope of their own game. But seeing a dude like Akihiko having to put up with Teddie was painful. The years between P4 and P5 might allow them to mature, but personally I've had enough of those characters for a lifetime.

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Man I forgot about the christmas eve event and finished adachi's dungeon on the 24th and totally missed it :(

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: It's on 2012 since P4 occurs two years after.

: It's not worth it if you're not lovers with Rise,trust me...

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@TohruAdachi said:

: It's not worth it if you're not lovers with Rise,trust me...

I dunno, I like the christmas events. Even the "hanging with the bros" one.

Worth 1 day, especially as you cant s-link with anyone non-scheduled on the 23rd.

@Hizang said:

Hell yeah!

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There will be a future title with the Persona 3 and 4 gang. There would be no point in hinting at the future shadow hunting work for the gang and Elizabeth's new journey if there was nothing in the future. It might be in Persona 4 or another game, but it will happen. It kinda reminds me of how the Kingdom Hearts series turned into a huge keyblade wielder recruitment program to face off against the big bad in KH3. It's crazy how much plot happened outside of the numbered games KH1 and KH2.

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: I was hoping to get the costume from Naoto,but I didn't know it was Christmas Eve,and I didn't know they had an events for guys on Christmas. I'm going to do that on my next gameplay.

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@TohruAdachi said:

: It's on 2012 since P4 occurs two years after.

: It's not worth it if you're not lovers with Rise,trust me...

I am lovers with Rise

The line from Yosuke about Arena wasn't as bad as I thought, this epilogue is only like 3 months later. I assumed they were gonna get to business after graduating high school later in the year not right away. They know nothing about him at the time anyways.

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