What's up with the buffs ?

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Hi everyone,

I've been lurking this forum since I started this game. It's my first SMT game and I've chosen to play on Hard (something I regretted quite frequently in the mid-game).

Anyway, I'm rolling with Yukiko (of whom I'm in love, both IG and IRL), Teddie and Yosuke. I'm in the December dungeon and everything is going pretty well.

I did have a rough moment in the two previous dungeons but mostly because I was underlvl. I beat Naoto while being lv.50 and got to Heaven's Boss around 54. At that point, I did some grinding mostly to reach Mediarahan on Yukiko. That was the first time I used Light/Dark skills with the MC and I was surprised that the things actually work. And I was using the weakest spells for them. It made the leveling quite easy. At the same time, I was raping everything with the -dyne spells so I had to wonder :

Why is everyone putting such an emphasis on buff spells ? I have two of them on Teddie which I never used and never felt like I should. I probably have some on Yosuke too and same there. Actually Yosuke was more useful for me for Makajam (and Tentarafoo for a while) than anything else. I don't get the hype around him either. I'm regretting not taking Kanji over him.

Anyway I'm asking this question because I'm fast heading towards the end and I'm gonna be building a final skill set.

On a related note, does the Defense score influence the damage taken by elemental or only by physical ?

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Buff spells only take one turn to cast and last for 3. You'll do much more damage or take significantly less and if you up evasion it's easy to dodge attacks entirely. Using buffs along with debuffs is even more effective. You only really need to use them on bosses.

Though from what I've heard Golden is significantly easier than the original 4 anyway, so you might not even need them.

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