Your favourite S-Link(s)?

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What are your favourite S-Links? There are so many good ones.

Mine are

  1. Naoto - Let's try to not be creepy. I think she's a cool character with an interesting s-link and she just happens to be my kinda gal.
  2. Nanako + Dojima - I actually try to advance them at the same pace, and it works out really well if you do - though this is much more easily done in NG+. Also, "Welcome home big bro!"
  3. Kanji - Man's a walking teddy bear, and his arts & craft skills are DOPE.

Honourable Mentions: Marie (if you include the extra content stuff), Death Arcana (old woman), the whole gang is pretty damn cool.

Heck, feel free to bring ones in from other Persona games.

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Oh, I should note there are some s-links I HATE.

Ai, Tutored Student, I don't really like the Nurse, and Adachi is an ASSHOLE (though I'd say you should do his once just to see it).

I used to hate Yumi too, but I've started cutting her more slack as of late.

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An odd personal favourite is Tanaka in P3. Seriously. What a bad motherfucker. It's because for him, it wasn't about some personal issue - but that the character himself was a bad person. But he knew that. I loved it.

In P4 I'd have to go with, uh... err... I dunno, actually, none of them really stick out as "special" to me. Though I have yet to finish any of the new ones added in Golden.

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Adachi (You going to lose to this b*tch?)/Saki's Brother (Great storyline)/Kou (I looove balls)/Kanji (Some pimp-arse craft skills)/Marie (extra content,and good storyline)

Adachi is a great funny guy and he repents his ways so he's not that much of a bad guy,and it's cool how he thinks as Dojima,Nanako,and the MC as his family kind of,and I love how he mocks the main character but supported him regardless. Saki's brother just had a great storyline overall. Kou's is just hilarious/Kanji should be getting all these girls with them fingers/Marie storyline and content = good enough for me

Least Favorite:

Naoto (Boring,still my fav character though)/Ai (Boring as hell)/(MORE I DON'T FEEL LIKE POSTING)

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Dojima and Nanako and the majority of the party S Links. I haven't seen them all so it is hard to really say.

P3 I've done almost every one (2 days shy of a max) and my favorite is probably Sun Arcana. Really hard to start the S Link but was super interesting, sad and a real satisfying conclusion. Probably my favorite out of the 2 games I played.

P4 has the most consistent S Links, usually funny or engaging.

P3 has very interesting ones and some fucking awful ones. So a lot of hit and miss for me.

EDIT: Also as Jeff said, Devil was going to be the greatest and it turns into shit...that is very true.

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I kinda really like the most of those I've tried in P4, Though I guess my favorite is... Yosukes or Kanjis.

And in P3... Didn't really feel such a strong connection to many of the characters there, but I think maybe Akinaris, even though I didn't do it myself, only watched youtube-videos of it.

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Man, votes for Tanaka and Adichi - talk about dark horses : )

But in general, yeah, I totally agree with what everyone has said.

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The death arcana, since what it covers is not really something you see get discussed at all in any video games.

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In Persona 4, it'd be Magician/Yosuke (for the bromance) and Priestess/Yukiko (for the romance and Scathach). Honestly, though, all the party member S. Links are good. I also really like Jester/Lust (Adachi).

For Persona 3, it'd be Priestess/Fuuka (again, for the romance and Scathach), Aeon/Aigis and P3P's Magician/Junpei.

I find the non-party S. Links way less interesting.

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In P4

Naoto - since it help her reflect on what she was running away from and how she can be a better person by accepting she's a she and a young person. Also she so cute XD

Kanji - Didn't need to address his sexuality but his position in life and how to man up by doing what he loves.

Naoki (Saki's brother) - the struggle of losing a love one and how to move on.

Adachi - A very clever twist on the main story and reflect on his prospective on life and having him understand why he was wrong.

Dojima and Nanako - it pretty obvious why ;_;

Yumi - Since I have some problems with my father at times, and yet they are our fathers.

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I always liked the Yosuke Social Links.

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I gotta say, I really enjoyed Marie's in Golden, plus her poetry is pretty great. Naoto, Kanji, and the tutoring student (I forget his name) deserve special mention, some definite "hitting close to home" with them.

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Oh yeah, I should say Marie not only had some comical moments but had a part with the main story and to Japanese mythology.

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I can't think of any one S-link that has stood out as great, just a dozen or so that are really good. The ones I really don't like are the old couple, Kenji, the tutored student, Naoki, and the girl from band in P4. She's definitely my least favourite. Right now I'm going through P3P as a female for the first time and I'm really liking Rio and Saori. Saori happens to have studied overseas and work in a library; my family had a japanese exchange student named Saori and I worked in a library. Now that I reflect on things further, I liked the MMO player one in P3P the most but I don't think it's available in the female play through.

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Yall are clearly men/women of taste. I like it.

@Neurotic: Why the Scathach love? So many people seem to like that Persona, but I've never understood it - I have a Hachiman for a 4-element Persona in P4G (he gets 90+ base magic power at lvl99 and when given absorbs to cover his weaknesses he becomes an unstoppable juggernaut - assuming you roll that way instead of having individual persona for each element)

@mosespippy: Oh man, I forgot about the MMO player!

That was a hilarious S-Link I legitimately enjoyed.

@Epidehl: Oh god, I want to meet the person who wrote that poetry and congratulate them on work well done. I wanted to rip my ears off half the time, which just made me laugh harder.

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It's easier to enjoy most of the main social links considering they involve central characters (Kanji and Nanako's are my favorite), but I thought the Death one (Old Lady) was pretty great too. Touching story dealing with some interesting stuff and for some reason I got a kick out of how she enjoyed spending time with a nice high school student.

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Dojima and Nanako for obvious affectionate reasons.

From P3 it would be Mamoru my Takoyaki speed eating buddy. Also really liked milf hunting Kenji because it's more closer to things a teenager would think of.

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@selfconfessedcynic: Dunno, she's just awesome-looking. I do have a four-element one in P4 and, as of yesterday, P4G. Don't have anything to cover the Fire weakness yet though. In P3, she was geared for physicals and with Vorpal Blade and 'Great' condition she was broken. It's also a helpful coincidence that she's the ultimate Persona of the S. Links that I go into romances with. There are certainly stronger Personas out there but I'm not really a min-maxing kinda person. If I were I'd have ditched Scathach for Kaguya since her Magic stat is bananas.

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@Neurotic: Yeah, plenty of people used that fusion forecast to get 4-element Scathach in OG P4. You can grab absorb fire from Hell Biker (Hanged Man, learned at lvl71).

Kaguya is pretty cool, especially as she comes with immunity to light/dark - though she tops out at about 86 or 88 magic. In the end, truly crazy people can just farm Strength Arcana from shuffle time (I DRAW THE LINE THERE!!)

I dont think I ever used scathach in P3... I think I just ended up using Lucifer for everything by the end of that game. I just like that persona.

@TooWalrus: P3FES IS SO CRAZY. Everything Maya was so off-the-wall awesome.

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Maybe a bit off-topic, but I found myself disliking Naoto as a character a whole lot. She just comes off as a "A-HA I WAS THINKING THAT ALL ALONG BUT FOR SOME REASON DIDN'T BOTHER TO SAY SO EARLIER"-kind of person. Also the English voice actor is doing a terrible job at sounding like a male, but I can't really fault Atlus or Naoto for that. :P

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Maybe because it wasn't to sound like a man...? The voice kind of confuses you through boy and girl since they continuously call her a boy throughout the game and called her the Detective Prince and she doesn't deny it in any way.

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@TohruAdachi: Then I guess I grossly misunderstood the story up until you rescue Naoto from her dungeon, but whatever! I still find her personality extremely annoying, heh.

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The only thing I found annoying is she chose the main character over Kanji,they should've made Kanji and Naoto canon. The most annoying was Chie's though in my opinion mainly because of her voice,it made me tear up during the beach where she was mad at Yosuke because her voice sounded so.....

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If we can pick from any persona game, then I'm going for the cool cigar-chomping, hard drinking monk you find chilling at a night club on some nights in Persona 3.

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@TohruAdachi said:

@Cincaid The only thing I found annoying is she chose the main character over Kanji,they should've made Kanji and Naoto canon. The most annoying was Chie's though in my opinion mainly because of her voice,it made me tear up during the beach where she was mad at Yosuke because her voice sounded so.....

Because her voice sounded so... what? I think her new voice is vastly superior to her original English voice.  
Anyway, there's some dialogue choice that shows that even though Kanji likes Naoto, Naoto isn't into Kanji.
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@TooWalrus said:

@TohruAdachi said:

@Cincaid The only thing I found annoying is she chose the main character over Kanji,they should've made Kanji and Naoto canon. The most annoying was Chie's though in my opinion mainly because of her voice,it made me tear up during the beach where she was mad at Yosuke because her voice sounded so.....

So... what? I think her new voice is vastly superior to her original English voice. Anyway, there's some dialogue choice that shows that even though Kanji likes Naoto, Naoto isn't into Kanji.
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That is somewhat true,but making the main character literally a pimp of hinting that every girl wanted to date him regardless of leveling their social link like ski trip for instance still makes me annoyed. And I guess it's just me for Chie's voice,but old voice actor any time for me,she sounded more energetic and tomboyish in my opinion.

The only text message I found funny was Kanji since he uses perfect grammar,instead of SeNP4I U SO KEWL! Just Kanji's personality doesn't make him look like the type to use good grammar.

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@Cincaid: Each to their own - though I'd say her attitude is somewhat similar to that found in cosy / golden age detective fiction, whilst also having some elements of hard boiled (eg. when she's the one who actually suggests putting Namatame in the TV). This fits with much of her characterisation.


@TohruAdachi: It's the problem with a bunch of video games - Mass Effect is another example where you're essentially apparently an irresistible sexual force of nature, able to overcome species divides with a single bound. But w/e, it just feels wrong to romance multiple people to me nowadays (though when OG P4 first came out I totally romanced everyone on my 2nd playthrough - ah, youger me)

Also, yes, Kanji is fantastic is so many ways. I was really REALLY hoping for there to be a new scene (eg. at night if you choose to hang with him) where he talks it through with you if you have a relationship with Naoto. But nope, that stuff all just stays buried like it did in the original - then again, that's kindof how a highschool kid would deal with it anyway.

Also, omg 1-year-later Kanji, am I right!? I swear he's trying to look like you in some ways but otherwise I was so happy for him as his new look totally fits.


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: I mean I don't really mind the MC dating multiple characters,but where's the love for the male characters other than Teddie?

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@TohruAdachi: Hahaha. Yeah - Yosuke gets a raw-ass deal all though P4. Same with Kanji since I keep stealing his girl.

Poor guys.

Eh, there's always more I'd love to see from this world and its characters - perhaps I shall keep my fingers crossed for P4-2 or the characters showing up again in P5, with partners that preferably don't infringe upon the player's past romance choices.

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Oh well,there relationships weren't even canon but they did show interest in him still,but I'm sure that Naoto will be going out with someone from her new adaptions if that's canon or probably get along with Kanji while the main character is away,but I have a feeling Kanji might fall for someone off,I'm not willing to wait a year for a girl who also had interest in my senpai who I respect so much. (from Kanji's perspective)

I have a feeling Yosuke will go out with Chie either way,but I do not ever see him going out with Rise or Yukiko,I'd think their feelings would develop over a couple months. Teddie obviously wouldn't date anyone,and Rise since she's in showbiz might start flirting with someone else if the main character doesn't show interest. I also have a feeling Yukiko probably try to develop a relationship with the main character,since she doesn't look like the person who start hanging out with new people.

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@TohruAdachi: But But But Kou!! Dude totally has a thing for Chie and would be a pretty cool match.

In general, it'd be a bad idea for them to pair off any of the girls the MC had an option to go after UNLESS they also plan to bring in the save or give you options at the start ala Mass Effect. Too many people are huge fans of one girl or another and "seeing them with someone else" would ruin it. Especially as it to some extent makes no sense.

I mean, from memory all of the girls end up professing undieing love along with the MC, and it's based in 2011 or so - in a world where it's easier than ever to maintain a long distance relationship, especially since YOU'RE A SINGLE TRAIN RIDE AWAY, AND the MC clearly visits quite frequently even with the limited info we have from the epilogue + P4: Arena.

Of course, there's definitely an argument for "Duders, it's a video game and they are not real - the writers decided to pair them off so deal with it", but I can definitely see there being an uproar about it.

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: I totally feel for Kou but I think his love for them balls are to powerful. Joking aside I can definitely see that,but you rarely see them hanging out so that might be a problem too. They don't even look like they hang out in the anime even though they're friends with each other,the only other time you seem them hanging out is during the MC imagination lala land which doesn't even count,and there's not even any backstory to them.

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@TohruAdachi My hope for P5 is that you're a new recruit at a police station (we don't need high school AGAIN, do we?), and the only returning characters are Chie and Akihiko, who are both joining the force and both obviously WAY into each other... Maybe you'll eventually get wrapped into the Shadow Ops with Mitsuru and Aigis and the rest, but they cant recycle to much.
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@TooWalrus: Man, Akihiko is such a bad mother effer now, I can't imagine him joining the police.

I mean, look at him!


But yes, I hope it skews older too.

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: Yeah I remember during Chie's social link she said she wanted to protect everyone and that she'll becoming a cop or that's just my crazy-arse imagination,and for the Trinity Soul anime Akihiko was a cop,but not sure if that was canon,but that would be interesting. The P3 and P4 crew working together,but Rise might be more busy with showbiz,and Yukiko with her inn,so they might only make like cameo appearances.

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@TohruAdachi@selfconfessedcynic ha, I've never watched trinity soul, I didn't know the P3 guys were even in it. He talks about becoming a cop at the end of his story in P4 Arena, and Chie says the same thing during her S-link in P4... wait, I haven't finished Golden yet, but I know there some "one year later" stuff. Does that mean Arena isn't canon, or can the two co-exist?"
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: I've never played P4A and seriously hoping there will be a port for it on PS Vita,but after doing some research,Persona 4 Arena is canon. During Golden after the epilogue achieved from maxing Marie's social and link and getting the true ending,hopefully I didn't ruin it for you. They talk about the events in P4A aka May,and Yosuke says ,"We didn't get to have a good time last time because of what happened in May" or something along those lines. And in Persona Trinity Soul it's just new Persona users,and the only P3 charactes that appear I believe is Akihiko and possibly a character who's Ken. (Knows Akihiko and owns a old dog) It's ten years after the events in Persona 3,but I'm kind of hoping it's not canon.

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@TooWalrus: Arena is set like 2 months after or so - I've read a bit about it, but it isn't available in Australia yet. I may import it like I did with Golden though... we'll see.

I believe it is in fact canon, but to my knowledge it doesn't deal with much of the relationship stuff that was established in P4 (so for those hoping for Kanji and Naoto to hook up during it, they were disappointed).

The epilogue is set a year later but has nothing to do with anything - I believe it is also canon, but it's more just a big "DAWWWWW". There are no ramifications from it whatsoever other than people's haircuts.

So yes, they can co-exist. Interesting factoid about Akihiko wanting to be a cop though, I didn't know that. Man, I may just check prices on Ebay right now.

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@selfconfessedcynic: Sorry, I forgot Arena hasn't been released outside of North America and Japan- it's good stuff. No real relationships are developed, but they kind of imply that Chie and Akihiko hit it off (or maybe I'm just reading too much into it.) None of this is like, a big plot point or anything, nothing's spoiled. I actually really love P3, so all of the interactions between Chie and Akihiko, Teddie and Aigis, Naoto and Mitsuru, I found it all really great and really well done. There's a really interesting place the series could go (or they could through it all out and start over, by now I trust Atlus to make something truly great).
@TohruAdachi: Nah, you didn't spoil anything for me. That honor went to @JZ: who made a fucking thread on the forums saying "OMG THERE ARE OLDER VERSIONS OF EVERYONE AFTER YOU BEAT THE GAME" ...ugh. I mean, it's nothing major but it would have been a cool thing to be surprised by.
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: Alright good,and same reason I stopped using GameFAQ other than to read,I only post when I need to help people,but yeah Persona 3 Portable section of the forum just spoiled Persona 4 Golden for some people which is sad,but I was spoil-free when I played the game,and I actually like spoiling stuff it it's not to major like Chie and Akihiko start dating or something (just an example)

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In P4 my favorite is the Death Arcana

In P3 its either Kenji or Maya....Kenji is on the level (i also always think of pyschadelicsnake's playthrough) and Maya's payoff on the last day of school was awesome

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@thebunnyhunter: Okay, that Kenji video is epic. And woah, I actually forgot how crazy the P3 MC's hair was.

And yes, OMG Maya.

@TooWalrus: Awwww man, I went into it totally unspoiled. I didn't even know there was a new sequence after going home. Then again, seeing how Valentines went for you perhaps you can just call your whole first playthrough a wash and start over : P


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Persona 3: MMO Slink (teacher), Kenji, TANAKA(!!!), and the Old Monk. As FemMC I liked Shinjiro's storyline, since it gave him character. Similer to Kanji.

P4: Yosuke, Kanji, Devil for first 3 ranks, Chie, Naoto, Marie, Nanako/Dojima.

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The Dojima and Nanako link have always tugged on my heart strings.

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@selfconfessedcynic: @TooWalrus:

P4A takes place about 1 month after the end of vanilla P4 (during golden week).

P4G's epilogue takes place exactly 1 year after P4A.

And to@TohruAdachi: The creators have said that Trinity Soul is 100% not canon.

EDIT: Epilogue takes place in the summer. I thought it was during Golden Week 2013, but it's July 2012 I think. Just doesn't seem like it's only 3 months after P4A.

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Thank god,thanks for the confirmation,but I'm pretty sure Akihiko will become a cop either way so that would be nice.

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My position on the Adachi link is reversed now. Fuck that shit.

I just found out (in February) that to max that link you need to go confront Adachi alone when it gives you the prompt. I think that's so counter-intuitive when you explicitly promise your friends you won't do that and the game is all about bonds of friendship and all that. Also, I assumed going in after him got you a Bad Ending. So now I'm stuck on rank 8, didn't even get any story pay-off for that Link (which is pretty much the whole point of it). It's bullshit.

I'm sure the stuff in it is good and I'll like when I see it but that's like 20 more hours of gameplay on a NG+ (assuming I skip through every scene, which I won't).

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@dogman795: Cheers for the clarification. I could have wiki'd it, but you saved us the time : )

@Neurotic: The Adachi one is rough, yeah. You have to get it to 6 before November or so, AND you have to hang out with him at night (even though you're told that s-links cant progress at night), AND you have to choose your options just right after the events of December.

Still, the actual content of it is interesting - though you've only missed out on 1 pretty good scene, 1 dialogue option, a VO'ed letter and a pep talk.

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