Made a Persona5 Giant Bomb poster

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I'm diggin' it! What's up with the Bomb's mouth, though?

#4 Posted by TwoLines (2862 posts) -

This is awesome. Great job duder!

#5 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6091 posts) -

That's fantastic! Yet another piece of amazing fan art from this awesome community.

#6 Posted by Forcen (1859 posts) -

Great job!

#7 Posted by Zalrus9 (138 posts) -

That's great! I wonder where Luchadeer is, though...

#8 Posted by TooWalrus (13258 posts) -

Love it! Especially cool baby. I've got no idea what's going one, but it looks grim.

#9 Posted by ripelivejam (5175 posts) -

brad and drew look most at home in this style. nice work! (hope we can buy this too eventually ;) )

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Is that Nanako's lamp?

Also, great job!

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Really cool. Nice job!

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Cool, where can we see your other work?

#13 Posted by BigJeffrey (5164 posts) -

endurance run confirmed.

#14 Posted by RetroVirus (1496 posts) -

Sweet! Love the lamp inclusion.

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Amazing job

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Fuckin' rad.

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@spacedongle: This is great.

But, yeah, you should upload it as a PNG.

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Great work!

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This is really amazing :D

Great work.

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Awesome! Is that... Nanako's lamp?

#23 Posted by spacedongle (10 posts) -

@cogzwell: YES! ..and also, It's the lamp Xbox one Kinect recognized it as a person during the Livestream.

@aegon: Here!

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That is great!

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I love lamp?

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Nice job there. I am liking that lamp....

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This is pretty awesome!

Jeff's Pumps are a nice touch

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Amazing job. 10/10. Would buy.

#30 Posted by alwaysbebombing (1693 posts) -

I'm looking right at a Japanese anime

#31 Posted by AMyggen (3883 posts) -

The lamp is a great touch, love this!

#32 Posted by ch3burashka (5310 posts) -

@zalrus9 said:

That's great! I wonder where Luchadeer is, though...


#33 Posted by EthanML (465 posts) -

Needs more emancipation.

#34 Posted by Undeadpool (5034 posts) -

Is that Nanako's lamp?

Also, great job!

HAW! Totally forgot about that. I was wondering about the lamp...

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It's great! :D

I'll nitpick and say that Brad's pose looks odd to me. I think I get what it's supposed to be, but it looks more like he's just sort of propped up, leaned against the chair, stiff as a board. Doesn't really look like his butt is on the seat. It looks like he's kinda splayed out straight, but his upper body doesn't really read like it's reclining and he'd be closer to the edge of the seat if he was positioned like that. Sorry to be negative, I love the poses on Drew and Jeff, but Brad just sticks out a bit to me.

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I feel like this is the beginning of something great...

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This is pretty damn great. I think I'd legitimately enjoy a Persona style game with the GB crew.

#38 Posted by DeadPanJazMan (106 posts) -

@zalrus9 said:

That's great! I wonder where Luchadeer is, though...

He'll be the Mysterious Fox of Persona 5

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@spacedongle: Of all the bizarre, random shit that has happened on the live streams over the years, the Kinect recognizing the lamp as a person might have been my personal favorite. I don't even laugh when I watch it anymore, but just look on and think, "Well, this is a good thing. I like this."

Edit: Also, I'll nitpick too. Brad appears to be wide awake.

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Those damn hoodlums.

Awesome stuff dude!

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Don't know anything about that series but one things for sure, this looks great. I'm finding it odd that artists keep depicting brad as skinny. He's been getting a bit thicker these days...but I digress.

#42 Posted by Mcfart (1745 posts) -

Love it! Man I love how people on this site create such great Persona art.

I wonder what GB will do on the release day (NA) for Persona 5?

#43 Posted by Aviar (458 posts) -

Too great! Can't wait for this one!

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great work, just wondering shouldn't that be a leg lamp?

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Drew is the new Yosuke

#47 Posted by ChrisHarris (263 posts) -

@mcfart said:

I wonder what GB will do on the release day (NA) for Persona 5?

Start the Endurance Run, obviously.

#48 Posted by TehPickle (555 posts) -

Want emancipation?

Great work!!

#49 Posted by BenderUnit22 (1563 posts) -

Lost it when I saw the lamp. Damn you, Kinect!

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