Preparing For Persona 5?

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#151 Posted by FlipperDesert (2105 posts) -

Persona 3 and 4 were awesome, have faith Jeff!
If this is for reals I am super-excited.

#152 Posted by Rapid (1386 posts) -

They probably will do a lot fan-service like they did with P4 when they went to Port Island. It such a same we didn't get the P3 main cast while in the city. In P3 for the PSP. The female protagonist went to inaba and met a young yukiko. If you go back to Inaba in P5 hopefully we get to see Chie.

#153 Posted by Yukoei (1878 posts) -

I hope you guys wait until Persona 5 comes out to do an Endurance Run.

#154 Posted by wwfundertaker (1404 posts) -

Persona 5 oh yeah.

#155 Posted by dancinginfernal (476 posts) -
@mutha3: I love you.
#156 Posted by fearless_otaku (8 posts) -

if persona 5 comes for the xbox360 and PS3. im buying both LOL the persona games are in their own league

#157 Posted by animateria (3253 posts) -

More fucking high school though?
How bout we get some college action.

#158 Posted by Zripwud (247 posts) -

If this game isn't on Xbox 360, I'll be soooo sad!

#159 Posted by Knave (548 posts) -

What the fuck man.

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