Which platform(s) will Persona 5 release on?

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Poll: Which platform(s) will Persona 5 release on? (282 votes)

PS3 61%
Xbox 360 29%
Vita 30%
3DS 18%
PS4 24%
Xbox One 11%
PC 6%
Wii U 6%

In the same vein as a previous poll where currently about 50% of GB users have guessed Persona 5's announcement date incorrectly, I feel compelled to do a similar one about which platform(s) people think Persona 5 will be released on (excluding what are practically joke answers like iOS or PS2).

This isn't about any future remakes or anything, but about its initial release. Only one I feel is almost a certainty is PS3.

#51 Posted by Irvandus (3105 posts) -

I could see Sony pushing for an exclusive after how successful Golden was for the Vita. Now if that means Vita, PS4 or PS3 exclusive I don't know.

#52 Edited by BigJeffrey (5143 posts) -

@nightriff said:

@cincaid: @bigjeffrey: @captaintightpants: Because P4A sold like shit on 360 (and Catherine as well I believe) so obviously the audience that purchases those consoles don't care for Atlus games. Why waste their time with that audience is my thought.

Well the well trusted source VGchartz puts sales of Catherine at 240,000 on 360. For ATLUS that is a fucking win.

There is clearly a audience, though be it a small one. That ATLUS, the niche dev.

#53 Edited by Abendlaender (3006 posts) -

Nintendo seems to have a pretty good relationship with Atlus as of late. Etrian Odysee is doing pretty good, SMT IV is a 3DS exclusive and then there is the SMT X FE thing. I could see Persona 5 launching on a Nintendo Plattform

#54 Posted by Miyuki (180 posts) -

I'd expect PS3 because of Catherine being on that system. I wouldn't be completely shocked at 3ds though - I'm playing SMT IV on that right now, and it translates well. I will say that if they go Vita or PS4 that's pretty much a system seller for me (I'm planning to pick both up eventually, but they could sway me earlier, just like SMT IV did with the 3ds.)

#55 Posted by Darji (5412 posts) -

@abendlaender: will never happen. Wii U is already dead in Japan and i really doubt they will ruin the series by bringing it to a handheld. Persona is a playstation brand game. Just like Sega will not release Yakuza 6 on the Wii U. It is way to risky for that.

#56 Edited by PenguinDust (12843 posts) -

Providing Altus is around long enough to finish Persona 5, I'd bet on the PS3. The 360 is a possibility, too when the international version is released. They need to get this thing out the door; make some money.

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#58 Posted by Strife777 (1769 posts) -

You know what, I voted PS4 and Xbox One but realised immediately after that P4 came out on PS2 2 years after the PS3 was out.

So I guess PS3 would make sense (plus 360 I suppose.)

#59 Posted by Rafaelfc (1816 posts) -

I think it will come out on the Ps3

But I voted Vita, because it is the optimal platform for it.

#60 Edited by DonutFever (3870 posts) -

Definitely: PS3

Maybe (In order of likeliness): 360, PS4, Xbone

EDIT: If Index falls apart, Wii U.

#61 Posted by NJeroen (8 posts) -

Golden sold much better than Arena did, despite the huge install base of the PS3 / X360 and the very small install base of the Vita. If this was a test, the Vita would win it with ease. Persona 5 will release on the Vita and might release on the 3DS as well, not sure about that.

#62 Edited by DarkShaper (1363 posts) -

Famicom Disk System

#63 Edited by Ataribomb (101 posts) -

My money is on PS4, though I'd love a cross-buy feature with the Vita too. And while I'm wishing, Kojima needs to just stop on by and share some of that "Transfarring" magic with Atlus.

#64 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (6349 posts) -

I'll guess it'll launch exclusively on the Ps3, with the possibility of being on the Vita.

#65 Edited by RonGalaxy (3688 posts) -

I dont think the 3ds would be capable of capturing the full potential of a new persona. Either not 3ds (ps3, vita) or only 3ds.


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