Who is Your Favorite Persona?

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I am STUNNED this hasn't been done before, at least couldn't find one in the forum search but...

Who is your Favorite Persona?

I will have to say my favorite so far is Melchizedek, he looks like the Rocketeer with wings (at least how I remember the movie), he was great stats and skills, I'm actually debating on doing a New Game+ to try and Max his stats and levels out.

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my go to Persona near the end of 4 and who i used when i started new game plus was Saturnus (can't remember if i just had evade ice on him or if i got null ice when i fused him).


but then again, can't go wrong with Black Frost, ho.

Black Frost
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I'm currently playing through Persona 3, and although I'm not very far into it my favourite is Yomotsu-Shikome. I don't know why, but there's something I really like about it.

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pft. My favorite demon is Ameterasu but her incarnation in P4 sucks :(

Sarasvati maybe?

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Beelzebub. My Beelzebub in 4 has skills such that only physicals and wind can hit him. He's weak to light but he has endure light so I can withstand one light hit. He also has Megidoalon and Agidyne for offense. My one in 3 was similarly OP. My understanding is that you can get one set up that can't get hit by anything except almighty.

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Surprised nobody has said Mara yet.

I am pretty partial to Surt myself. He's not particularly powerful or anything but he was the first "ultimate" Persona I got in P3P (the first Persona game I played). I ended up using all my stat boost cards on him and he pretty much solo'd the final boss, so I have good memories of him, haha.

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I think my answer is pretty obvious.

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Thanatos. Because he is radawesome.

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@Nightriff: A souped up Melchizedek is how I effortlessly beat the final boss in Persona 3. He was pretty much the only Persona my main character used for most of the late game.

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Ok, I was just gonna look up a few to refresh my memory. And this turned into a WAY bigger thing than it deserves for me. BUT HERE WE GO! TOP TEN PERSONA!

I only picked stuff from Persona 4, because that's where I first saw them and got the most attachments.

  1. Pyro Jack: Love at first sight. He's just plain awesome.
  2. Black Frost: Took me through most of the game. Truly a strong little bro.
  3. Skadi: My favorite in the later game, Ices fools like no one else. "Fuck Loki, I don't need niflheim to beat the true end"
  4. Titania: I just used her as a support persona for A REALLY long time first time through, she just grew on me.
  5. Rakshasa: Favorite physical persona.
  6. Siegfried: Second favorite physical persona :P
  7. Neko: Shogun HES A KITTY AND A SHOGUN. Too bad Black Frost stole most of his thunder, could've been higher.
  8. Mokoi: Adorable
  9. Hell Biker: Hell Biker, duh. I think it's fairly obvious why he kicks ass.
  10. Matador: He is hella useful in fusion, I think I never actually used him in battle, but his image is ingrained into my head forever.

Now I need to go do something productive to cleanse myself of this massive waste of time.

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Matador ? ... That hot chick covered in red lines? (Asherah) I don't know there's too many cool personas but I can easely say that my most hated is Legion that thing is ugly as shit!

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Just for straight up awesomeness, Scathach. My Persona 4 one had all four -dyne skills and Mind Charge. The Persona 3 one had Vorpal Blade and Power Charge. Game breakers (especially in P3P when you can boost all her stats to 99 with ease). Not sure why they have her as a mage in P4 and a physical attacker in P3 though.

More practically (but more personally) it's probably my Norn which has all the Auto-Ma skills and Debilitate. That shit makes Persona 4 the easiest game in the world. Also in Persona 3 it gets Panta Rhei, which is badass.

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THE DEVIL! *cue dramatic music*

Or you know... Satan or whatever he prefers.

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Beelzeboss and his groupies are my top three. Kikuri-Hime's always a welcome addition with her awesome heals.

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i liked drunk john madden and also racist four-leaf clover.

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Surt, beat persona 3 with him and his magic stat to 99. Mind charge ragnarok all the way

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All this hotness coming soon to Persona 5!

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@Eirikr: please tell me these designs are for their other series I have no interest in and not for persona 5.

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Since I'm not sure off the to of my head what my answer is I'm now actually going to pop in my copies of 3 and 4 and scroll through the index thingy to see. I shall then update this post accordingly...


Well first thing I'm noticing during this exercise is lots of personas have boobs. Like naked boobs. And butts. You don't realize how many till you scroll through them all back to back.

Well I'm named Michael and there is a persona named Michael... but he's kinda terrible looking and I don't think I've ever used him.

Belphagor is sitting on a toilet... Hell Biker exists for some reason... Mara's a giant penis on a chariot... I'm partial to Thoth for some reason... Alice is creepy...

But in the end I think it comes down to the obvious choice. Black Frost is pretty sweet.

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Cu Chulainn.

Though that choice may have been influenced by other media..

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@Eirikr: why would those designs carry over to P5 that's silly

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As my first choice Hades is taken, I'll go with Cronos, dude has a clock face.

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Incubus yo! There was a point where I made him Really powerful.... and whats with that spike-dong thing?.....

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I like the one that looks like a penis.

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@pyrodactyl: Well, since you don't know what that image is from, it's safe to say it's indeed from something you don't care about. And even though all but the main characters' persona designs are all originally SMT demons, I have to agree with here and say these will probably stay far,far away from P5 for...reasons. I do love that most everyone's first reaction to them is complete revulsion. Great job, Index!

Pretty stellar picks so far, and my favorite demon/persona should be pretty obvious.

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Mine's Asterius:

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@FluxWaveZ: Oh man, effin' good choice, I forgot all about that thing (which is weird, because I've seen that cut-scene like 15 times or something playing through all those stories.) 
I actually really like Magatsu Izanagi for some reason. He's available as a Persona in the Golden, though he's such a high level you probably won't use him until New-Game+, I think. 
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@AndrewB: Yeah, he is pretty great, I've already maxed out his Agility and almost Strength and Magic, anyway to boost Endurance on a Persona? He also knows Null Dark and once he gets God's Hand probably will throw on a couple of other Null skills and make him unstoppable. P3P is great with the cards to teach personas any skill, hope Golden adds that.

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