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Only Worth Achievements

This is a very short review for King Kong: The official game of the movie, simply because it has been a while since I have played it. I picked this game up probably sometime in late 2006 or early 2007. I beat the game, but it was painful. I did hear there were easy achievements and i thought maybe it would be a little fun. Let me correct that, this game is terrible in my opinion. Why is this game terrible?

Game Play
Very frustrating. Half of the time you will be solving dumb puzzles like setting grass on fire to get to another area. I'm a relatively smart person, not trying to brag, but honestly these puzzles gave me a headache. Other than this it is a decent FPS, but adds nothing new to the table.


Pretty good for a launch title. Nice environment details for the time.

Pretty much goes along with the movie.


I guess if you are an achievements whore, then you should probably buy this game, just because it is probably 5 or 10 bucks by now i would guess, cheaper to buy than rent. If your looking for a fun game to play, don't buy this game.

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