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Peter Jacob is the playable character from the ninth chapter of the Tome of Eternal Darkness. He is a war journalist working in France during World War 1. His level takes place in Oublie Cathedral and he is the third character in the game who's chapter takes place in the cathedral, this time in 1916 A.D as a converted field hospital. Peter does not have a large amount of health and a leg injury prevents him from running very fast or for very far, however he has the largest magic meter in the game largely needed for the events that take place at the end of Peter's chapter. His sanity meter is average at best. The weapons he has access to are quite powerful. Depending on the the players actions in the previous chapters set in Oublie Cathedral, Peter may have access to the Two Edged Sword and like many of the Eternal Darkness characters has a torch which can be used to incinerate zombies. Whilst guns had appeared in Max's chapter, the 8mm revolver and .303 Rifle are a large upgrade. Peter can also use the flash pan on his camera to momentarily stun enemies.

Relevance to Plot

Peter Jacob

The War to End all Wars

Peter Jacob is a young and enthusiastic journalist. in 1916 A.D he has moved himself to a church in France near the front line which has been temporarily converted into a field hospital for the soldiers. Here Peter witnesses a great many of horrors of war but his suspicions begin to arise when he hears rumors around the church that people disappear in their sleep never to be seen or heard from again. Determined to undercover any underlying plot within this field hospital in hopes of a good story Jacob investigates these disappearances. During his investigation Jacob discovers journals from men with entries speaking of soldiers being used as sacrifices for a cult. While initially disbelieving these tales he is horrified when he sees a young healthy soldier being dragged off against his will. During this investigation he also stumbles upon the Tome of Eternal Darkness.

The Black Guardian

The Black Guardian of Ulyaoth
Further exploring the church for reasons he is not sure of himself he stumbles upon a large chamber under the church. Peter recognizes this place from the Tome of Eternal Darkness from the entries about Brother Paul Luther. This is where Pious Augustus has summoned the Giant Black Guardian to guard over on the essences of the three gods trapped within the circle of power and the place where Paul Luther had met his violent end at the hands of the guardian. Previously Pious had used the claim that the church had housed the sacred Hand of St. Jude drawing pilgrims that would not be missed and used as sacrifices for the great Guardian. No longer able to do that Pious and his ancient master set events into motion to begin World War I, using the soldiers as sacrifices without drawing attention to Pious and the cult. Disgusted and horrified Peter is interrupted from his thoughts when  the Black Guardian rises up in front of him, casting a spell that traps Peter in the room with it. Armed with nothing but his revolver which has no effect upon the monstrosity Peter eventually defeats the Black Guardian with the magik incantations detailed in the Tome of Eternal Darkness. He then recovers the Ancient Essence that the creature had been guarding.

Peter does battle with the Black Guardian

The Keeper of Light

Unsure of what the object actually was Peter took it to countless antique evaluators and archeologists but none had an idea as to what it was. The horrors of the church and the Black Guardian haunt Peter's dreams who believes it has something do with the artifact he recovered. Wanting to get rid of it he instead keeps it, a feeling inside of him telling him that it would not be wise if it fell into the wrong hands. Sixty nine years later Peter hears of a man named Edward Riovas whom may know what the artifact is. Visiting Edward's mansion in Rhode Island, Peter is surprised that not only does Edward know what the artifact is but that he belies his story about the Black Guardian. Peter gives the ancients essence to Edward, confident that he had given it to the right person.

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