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Phaaze is the final destination for Samus Aran in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, the setting for her showdown with Dark Samus. Phaaze is a living planet, and the source of all Phazon. Creatures called Leviathans are born on Phaaze, and when they mature they are sent to other planets corrupt them with Phazon. Once a Leviathan takes root on a planet, it seeks out a powerful local bioform to corrupt and mutate to serve as the protector of its Core as it spreads its corruption and eventually consume the planet.

After the events of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Dark Samus, through her hunger for Phazon, was able to locate Phaaze. After corrupting the Space Pirates she makes them steal Aurora Unit 313, bringing it back to Phaaze and implanting it in the planets core, allowing her to assume direct control over the entire planet and its resources. She then begins sending out Leviathans to corrupt other planets, including Norion, Elysia, Bryyo and the Space Pirate Homeworld.

The Galactic Federation eventually locates Phaaze, and, using a captured Leviathan, begins an assault on the planet. While a battle in space occurs between the Galactic Federation fleet and the Space Pirates, Samus drops down onto the planet itself to combat Dark Samus, who merges with the Aurora Unit 313. Samus destroys the Aurora Unit, and as a result the planet begins to destabilize. Samus escapes, and Phaaze, along with Dark Samus, is completely and utterly destroyed.

All life on Phaaze is Phazon-based, including Phazon mutated Metroids and Ing. Samus also finds husks of creatures resembling the Metroid Prime, an infant Leviathan, and of course, Dark Samus and her corrupted Aurora Unit 313.

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