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How They'll Attack You

  • From a distance, they'll launch spears at you at a fast speed.
  • When you get within reach of them, they'll poke you, dealing more damage. This attack also has a shorter "reload" time.

How to Deal With Them

  • Try to run perpendicular to them, as they throw the spears very quickly, and they track you movement. You should be safe, as long as you keep moving.
  • After they fire, sprint up to them and try to get behind them, as their front is heavily armored. Avoid lingering in front of them.
  • Attack them in the back.
*Magic users can simply shoot these things a couple times with Soul Ray. It will penetrate their shielded front.*

What they Can Drop

  • Shard of Hardstone
  • Shard of Sharpstone
  • Large Shard of Hardstone
  • Large Shard of Sharpstone

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