Phantasmagoria 2 I can't get past chapter 1!

#1 Posted by geestring (11 posts) -

I read all the walkthroughs but I'm stuck at trying to get Theresa to hit on me in the network room. I also need to go with joss the bar... Any tips?

#2 Posted by Nightriff (6219 posts) -

Just wait for the Random PC Game/Endurance Run that Vinny and Dave do of the game, those are my walkthroughs.

#3 Posted by geestring (11 posts) -

I'm starting to think its a bug.

#4 Posted by hmmisee (184 posts) -

Hey, I had the same problem, all I did was go on the computer, use the phone, talked to some random people then moved on, the scene in the network room never happened. Hope this helps.

#5 Posted by PhanThomas (94 posts) -

I am playing the game atm and I also could not continue and I thought it was broken, but you need to use some of your items on "yourself", for example the mail at your home etc. Also try to use all of your items on every person you meet. The game only continues after you do all that stuff.

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