misterbronze's Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh (PC) review

Inferior to the original

 I find it hard to classify A Puzzle of Flesh as a video game. 'Interactive movie' would possibly be a more suitable description, but the points where you actually interact aren't even slightly enjoyable. Instead, we have to suffer a series of poor FMVs, badly sewn together with dire sequences where you have to navigate emails and computer directories.

The story is mildly entertaining, but grows tired very, very quickly. It tries so desperately to be "adult", with an awkwardly long sex scene, S+M clubs and violent death scenes.

The game would have benefited a lot if it has the excellent hint feature from the first game, as you often find yourself aimlessly navigating back and forward between areas with no real idea what to do.

Treat this game as an FMV curiosity and expect nothing from the gameplay and you might get some enjoyment out Phantasmagoria 2.


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