Can't install?

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Edit: Deleted cause I got it to run, now if only I can log in ^^; is there any problems with Ship 2? thats where most the Englishers are right?

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Yeah, you want Ship 2. You may have problems creating an account at peak times, but don't cave and go to another ship if you want to run into any english speakers. On Ship 2, go to lobby 20-23 and you'll see almost nothing but English speakers. If you join the Giant Bomb guild we can help get you started.

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@Calitar: Who do I need to get in touch with to get an invite to the GB guild?

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@Anomareh: Currently every member of the guild is cleared to recruit more members. You can find more info on how to join in this thread

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@Calitar: No idea how I missed that thread :s Got an invite a few hours ago though so it's all good.

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