Compensation for maintenace time

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From Bumped:

Since the start of the official release, we’ve had many maintenances, from making adjustments to the servers, to addressing the recent exploits malicious players discovered. In response to this, the staff has decided to compensate players with some free gifts.

To everyone who has a Sega ID and registered for Phantasy Star Online 2 before Monday July 23rd, 2012 @ 23:00 JST will receive the following gift:

  • 「FUN500獲得チケット」×1個
  • “FUN 500 Ticket” x 1

To everyone who has purchased Arks Cash before Monday July 23rd, 2012 @ 23:00 JST will receive the following gift:

  • 「プレミアムセット1日」
  • “1 day Premium Set” x 5

The Item code will be distributed to the email address registered with the SEGA ID. They plan to distribute the item code by the end of July through Early August. However the final date has not been decided yet and they will inform you later of the correct time.

The Premium Set includes My Room, My Shop, Extra Storage, and Trading services.

This is actually pretty cool. Make sure to redeem the code from the visaphone when you get it.

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Damn! Makes me wish I actually purchased Arks Cash, but too afraid since I havent heard of them charging your bank account. I don't want my account banned or whatever for "fraud".

Well this is great! I have a lvl 18 character so I'll be getting the Rappy plate + whatever else and the FUN stuff.

I just may stay on the Japanese server unless there's a way to transfer characters cross-server to another region(Dreaming...). I'd pay like $30 for that feature...

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