Every ship isn't allowing new characters?

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#1 Posted by Kenobi (594 posts) -

I decided to start a different character and now I can't register to any ship... Did they decide to charge a starter price or something?

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#2 Edited by EquitasInvictus (2077 posts) -

@Kenobi: The servers have been down for maintenance, I'm pretty sure (I was playing when it started so it's probably still in progress), so none of the servers will be responsive.

I heard it was going to be about 7 hours long, and that was about 3 hours ago? I'll edit/reply later when I find out about exact times.

EDIT: Apparently it should've ended 20 minutes ago... odd...

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#3 Posted by Kenobi (594 posts) -

They've restrict character creation on most ships for 2 weeks... ya, guild wars 2 pretty soon

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#4 Posted by aurahack (2534 posts) -

Server maintenance--it should be over by now. Although Ship 2 is closed for registration, straight-up. Go to Ship 10, Block 20. It's where all the English players are going now.

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#5 Posted by Kenobi (594 posts) -

Ship 10 is closed for 2 weeks

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#6 Posted by EquitasInvictus (2077 posts) -

@Kenobi: Wow that's pretty crazy, were they not prepared to get hit by so many users? I guess the fact that it's free and easy for people outside of Japan to access added a lot more heads than Sega expected.

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