Fan Eng patch/recent official patch: "Japanese connections only"

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I don't know if we're allowed to talk about or provide a link to it here, but a fan-translated English patch has been out for a little while now. It's really incredibly useful and its why I (and several others it seems) have started playing. The thing is, it actually breaks the ToS, because you are altering game files. I haven't heard of anyone being banned for it, but it's a possibility.

Also, just last night, the game was patched and the ToS was updated, stating that only connections from within Japanese territory are allowed to connect to the game servers. Some think this may be in response to the English patch. No one has been banned yet however, though recommends foreign players to lay low. This clause was previously in the ToS before, but was removed, and this update puts it back in.


EDIT: Oh, there's already a thread about this, my bad. Well I can't seem to delete this so here you go.

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