I made the Giant Bomb logo in Symbol Chat. How do I export it?

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I spent some time and made this for you guys. Now I just need to actually get it to you! How do?

It's not perfect, but it's the closest I could get with the fidelity of the editor.

Also, shout out to the Ship 2, Lobby 20, all night dance party!

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Cool dude

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That's awesome. Can't help you with your question though, but cool logo *thumbs up*!

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Awesome! Saw you posting this in the lobby :)

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Okay, apparently you can capture symbol chat images from your recent history. If I can remember how it's done, I'll post a quick picture walk through when I get home.

I'd still still like to know if I can export it from the game. Each symbol chat image seems to have a unique ID, maybe we can use that? It's way too short to be a text representation of the whole picture, but maybe there's still a place to plug that ID in.

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In your documents folder there's a folder called /Sega/PHANTASYSTARONLINE2, in there you can find the folder /symbolarts. The ones in /user are which you created. Sharing the one you made with us allows us to put it in our own game by dumping it there.

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click this in the symbol chat menu, then click on the symbol chat you want to import and choose the LOWER option

and no, I didn't make any of the symbol chat here, some super dedicated Japanese did
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@DaHuntha awesome, just got home, once I get settled I'll upload it! Feel free to spam it around to spread it in-game as well.

Before I upload it, I might make a few tweaks to the lettering.
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I saw it too. Great to see duders dudering up the joint.

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Totally saw you use that ingame

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