Maintenance Jun 27 Thurs 11pm ET - Jun 29 Fri 1am ET

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(Edit: The thread title is wrong and I can't change it. Sorry, it was late, I typoed. Help mods?)

(Long story short, you can't play Wednesday or Thursday night.)

Maintenance: Jun 27 WED 10pm ET - Jun 29 Fri 1am ET

Hey, figured I'd put this here for the people who are playing, since there's no good English language way to get the news out. Spotted this on the news page:


Full google-translated text:

Temporary Server Maintenance Notice 6/28
Because of the drastic measure of communication delay, at the following plan, perform extraordinary maintenance of the game server.
special maintenance planned period 6/28 (Thu) 11:00 - 6/29 (Fri) 14:00 [Japan Time -drw]
Because of the drastic measure of communication delay, make the strengthening of the database server equipment.
Until there is a maintenance termination notice, please do not attempt to connect to the game server.
In addition, end time, but maintenance has been scheduled for 14:00 on Friday 29 June, please note that may change, depending on the situation.
We apologize to everyone is that the very apologize for any inconvenience.

That last line is definitely the best.

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guess this time they are upgrading their server hardware?

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They could've waited an extra day and not ruined TNT!

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@xbob42: I think ET actually refers to Japanese time since the PSO2 QL that was uploaded earlier had Jeff mention he was barely in the window missing when maintenance would start when he filmed, so it should actually be in progress right now. 29 June 2012 Friday 1AM for Japan when the maintenance ends should actually be on time for TNT.

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Actually, the times are as follows:

  • THU June 28th @ 11:00 AM ~ FRI June 29th @ 02:00 PM JST
  • WED June 27th @ 10:00 PM ~ FRI June 29th @ 01:00 AM EST
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oh yeah, 10pm Wednesday. Typo. That was the whole point of the post. Urgh. Thanks

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Is that why I'm getting this 249 message? Sigh not-English is hard

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@Commisar123 said:

Is that why I'm getting this 249 message? Sigh not-English is hard

yea it's currently in maintenance and probably won't be done till tomorrow

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yeah. It's been a long time since I've been this bummed out by an MMO's maintenance period. I have quests to do with Echo and Rise. My mag.. my mag needs food. My crappy little lv. 5 egg shaped mag that has healed me all of once. I think its special is Not Giving A Fuck. But still. I gotta feed my mag.

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Sometimes when I play PSO2 I'm like "Man, I could go for a little break and play [X] game." Then the maintenance hit and I realized the truth. "I ONLY WANT TO PLAY PSO2! THAT IS ALL! PLEASE COME BACK!"

Might give Spec Ops: The Line a shot. I don't normally like third-person shooters. Like, at all. In fact I generally despise them. But in that game I ain't after gameplay, the story looks genuinely intriguing. Like it's going for a more grounded "...what the hell's going on?" experience rather than "YOU"RE FIVE YEARS OLD YOU LIKE EXPLOSIONS AND GOING "OH NO THEY'RE INVADING AMERICA THAT'S WHERE I (POSSIBLY) LIVE! PEOPLE DON'T NORMALLY DO THAT! WOW I AM SHOCKED WHAT A GREAT STORY!" DON'T YOU? DON'T YOU?!?!?!" that a lot of games have been trying lately.

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So is that why this update is taking so long? I just downloaded it today...

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The patch servers are still up so you should be fine and its normal that it takes so long.

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So hold on what time does this actually end, the time zones are confusing me. Does it end when tnt starts or what? I'm so confused :(

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japanese wouldn't be so damn hard if they learned to use sp@xbob42 said:

They could've waited an extra day and not ruined TNT!

Right? I was looking forward to TNT. Oh well, at least we got a quick look.

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crazy huge maintenance is over. you may now feed mags.

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