PSO2 gets an official US/EU release (FINALLY!) Thoughts?

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I for one have been 40+ hours into the Japanese version and am releived that there is going to be a US release. The fact that it's a 2013 release leads me to believe that they will probably actually get some English voice actors for the story bits, which could be cool.

What do you all think? Those of you who have been playing the JP version, will you stop so you don't burn out or will you just start new characters when the US release hits?

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I'm not going to stop at this point, especially as it's not out until next year. I'm hoping I won't have to redo anything to get my guy in an english game, given the setting in the menus for language. At most, I'd pay for a server transfer buy not sure I'd even do that. As for the english voice acting, I hope not as that could lead down a dangerous path of the US edition lagging behind Japanese content packs. If they had to do more voice work every time they added story content to the Japanese game that could get time consuming and pricey. Personally, I just say translate the text and just release it.

I will say I'm super happy to see it get a US release, if only that it means people not crazy enough to dig through Japanese text will get to play what is a pretty great game.

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Great! Not sure if I'll want to continue... ah hell, of course I will want to continue playing in english. Starting from scratch but being able to know what I'm supposeduly clicking "YES" to would be nice. The support out there for english speakers to help get them through the japanese version has been fantastic though, almost making any in-game translation just for story or convenience, that is of course only the case when you get real good at memorizing what's what and where.

Good news nonetheless!

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Ill continue.

Time to sleep happy!

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I'm very happy to hear this, I had my doubts about it ever coming. I'm a big fan of the series, but not interested enough to wade through a Japanese version.

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i have never played any of the PS games but im actually looking alittle forward to this.

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This is great news, but early 2013 might be a stretch for some people. I will give it another go though, when it comes out.

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Im pretty happy on the Japanese servers to be honest, if the english speakers start to leave ill change my mind at that time but for now if there are players on there i can hang with ill stay where i am. Im currently studying Japanese so hopefully by next year ill have a basic grasp of what im supposed to be reading by then.

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I'm excited for a US release, but I'll still be playing the Japanese version until then. If anything, this just means I get to play around more with my current character to see what skills and stuff are good without having to pay for a respec in the US version if I screw up.

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It all depends on how much content they can put out between august and western release. With GW2 coming out my time with the japanese version is growing short. But as its free to play I'll definitely pick it up.

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