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I see we have a questions thread and other helpful threads that are in place, but none about what the heck we've been doing or discovering!

I'll start!

Today I was doing a Client Order quest for Lola (The first one) and I was just going around killing everything. Ive been playing for about a week and was really upset that I still have yet to find a damn rare. Last night I was even on PSO-World and looking up how to obtain them. Apparently you can either do Multi-Party PSE Bursts or some other crap. Anyway I really wished I'd get something rare today and I did lol

So whats up with you duders?

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During one of the Emergency Quests there were about four parties all running around wrecking shit and we stacked up like six PSE bursts back-to-back. I wish I'd taken a screenshot because I couldn't see the ground because there were so many items littered about. I went from level 14 to level 16 in about five minutes.

What impressed me the most was that even though there was so much chaos going on, there wasn't any real slowdown I noticed.

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Fucking this happened.

I went into the Forest Free-Exploration mission to get a drop from the Rock Bear boss only to have this fucking thing show up in Area 2. Look at the minimap! I had to lure it for two minutes into an area that I could actually fight it in. For those that don't know, that is the Caves Free-Exploration (and Emergency Quest) boss. It was a fucking nightmare to kill. My whole party died at least 5 times. Some twenty minutes later, I finally took it down only to get a measly 250XP out of it and some maseta drops.

The worst!

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Sometimes my favorite thing to do in PSO2 is to run around the lobbies and pick out the best US player names:

Godspeed, Crunchbuttsteak!
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@aurahack: I had almost the exact same thing, except even worse. I fought it with me and 3 AI buddies for like 4 minutes until another guy showed up. After what felt like forever, we finally took the thing down. Right after, I got a change over code {DUEL} and another freaking one spawns. Two of those crazy things in a row. I died like 8 times, but we did finally take both down.

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@yami4ct: I can't wait until they become more reasonable to fight. @_@ They ruin every Emergency Quest.

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So I was exploring caves to get some items to sell for Meseta and I run across this guy...

Beat him in 3 minutes but there were like 6 other players fighting him before I got there. I figured he was a piece of cake with this many folks, then it happened...

Another one spawns... The whole group were collecting the previous ones drops and it was just.... massacre. One flame shot wiped us all out. I wanted to redeem myself(and so did the others) so we go back and try to take it down again. I live for 4 minutes, yell at the PC, then rush back into the frey. Thinking smart I lay a tele-pipe so I could get back quicker, in-case I died again.

Apparently the group got the dragon to follow them. Follow them right next to my teleport.... I go back into combat and my screen is filled with this golden beast and I lose my shit and yell! Of course it kills me again....

So...I wait to go back and come to find out, the others either killed it or the boss left because there was no red crystal but there were players running around the area.

In all my PSO life, I never screamed at a boss. So Unfair...

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Just wait until you have to S rank Cave Free Exploration in 20 minutes with him as the boss!

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Yeah, I just beat the dragon on the free cave mission. Still trying to pin down his pattern and what my reactions should be. He looks like a pain either way.

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Its my first time playing pso2 and i click the character create button but it gives some message that doesnt allow me to create character.....what is this? are they doing maintenance?

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@ShenaniganZ If you're trying to make a character on ships 1-5 or 10, character creation is closed until Wednesday.
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some dude in rappy suit carrying a rappy cannon that shoots exploding rappy....RAPCEPTION!!!

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Hit lvl38 on tuesday before heading back home for the rest of this week, kinda getting the shakes atm. Happy we'll be getting some more content on wednesday.

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thanks i went to ship 6 and it worked but now seem to be stuck at the end of the tutorial :/ i dont know what to do and the vids that i watch all dont have the problem. im stuck right before you go in the cave theres a blue wall that wont let me pass but when i watch vids its not there and just triggers a cutscene.....idk

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Not sure if this deserves its own thread, but the game's producer has commented on the game's future away from Japan. Via

There is an extremely long interview posted on 4Gamer, but near the end, it seems Sakai has been watching the international Phantasy Star community for quite some time.

  • Basically each area will have its own separate server. They plan to have Europe and North America share the same server.
  • They are also eying on expanding into other parts of Asia, but it’s not at a stage where it can be talked about as of yet.
  • Since the laws of handling cash items is different in each country, it’s difficult for them to have everyone share the same server.
  • Since game culturalization will be necessary, there may be some changes to the game’s contents to reflect each nation. (PSUBLOG Comment: Find the list of seasonal lobbies that were data-mined a while back.)
  • Was shocked at how quickly the Character Creation demo was completely translated into English through a mod.
  • His official blog entries are translated overnight too. (Who would do such a thing?)
  • New weapon categories and new classes are coming together. He thinks they’ll make it so that the weapon categories could be used by 2 classes, however, all classes will continue to use the Gunslash.

With the bolded in mind, I'm not sure I should continue playing the Japanse version. I may switch to a Force and Hunter for a while to get a feel for them and then stop, but if there's no chance I get to carry any of this progress over to the North American release, there's little point...right?

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@Blind_Evil: I don't know why anyone suspected that Sega would let you move your characters or anything of the sort. It's a bummer sure, but totally expected. It's wonderful to see that Sakai is seeing all the international enthusiasm. Jeff was right, Sega might finally pull themselves out of that gross hole they've been in.

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Symbol chat is fun and eats up all my time. This is what came out of the last two hours:

If the game was just symbol chat I would probably be okay with that.

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@Toxeia: I was holding out hope for this reason: Jeff said there's an option box for Language but the only one is Japanese. Then I heard elsewhere of the possibility that the localized version would just be a patch to the existing client, meaning you'd use the same account and everything. Final Fantasy XI has never segregated their servers, so it didn't seem unlikely that Sega's would be integrated as well.

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@Blind_Evil: Mmm, I suppose it's reasonable then. From watching the TNT and quicklook Jeff did it sure didn't seem like lag was an issue. Other than some jank when the connection dropped temporarily and monsters that should have been dead were still alive, it seemed okay. If they weren't looking at moving servers to the west to be more local then yeah.

Maybe I'm just a cynical asshole though, and I suspect that a company would never be that cool. Oh well, at least it's coming to english. I can't believe how excited I am about a free to play game coming to the states.

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Three Dark Ragne spawns one after another in the same exact spot during a city mission.

So much exp. So much loot.

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Level 100 mag get! It makes a laser fish!

Cat mag!
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Final day of my room pass I think, had a little fun with the random assortment of furnishings that I had.

Nothing awkward about two ladies working out on top of a bed together... Nope.
Sitting in front of a nice warm fireplace.

I also cheesed my way through a conversation with a Japanese person using Google Translate.

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So...this is a boss fight.  Holy shit come to the US already game.

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Since they said they were going to bring it out here, albeit next year, I uninstalled it!

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Summer update is out
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@Morbid_Coffee: How's that new PC coming a long?

Also 800k - 1mil bikinis :(

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@mangopup: Spent nearly four hours putting it together, just to have issues with the monitor receiving a signal from the PC. :(

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Today's Ship 02 run was a good run. This dropped for me:


The best part of the Space Tuna is that any class can use it as long as your striking ability is high enough. It's also great against Vol Dragons!

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I just started, late-comer.

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I'm convinced that it's impossible to solo free tundra exploration. The level itself is easy. The boss punches my dick in every single time.

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