SEGAID and Captcha funtimes!

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Not really.

So I got the game running and was able to do the first quest but after I logged out and tried to get back in I keep getting the following notice.

Clicking the magic language button on the bottom left sends me to where I have to enter a captcha and my sega ID.

Well I figured out the captcha. The only problem is I don't know what it wants from me afterwards. It just takes me to my SegaID account page with all my information.

I was just hoping someone else ran into this. Or maybe it was in the PSO2 Open Beta guide and I missed it.

Even though I can't read a damn thing I figured I'd try the game anyway because I've played so much PSO and PSU I know what most of the stuff is. Thanks for the help if you can duders.

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Can a mod remove or close this thread? Sorry to waste someone's time but go figure a few minutes after my post I solve the problem myself.

Or can I delete it? Dunno how that works really.

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If you're in I can invite you to Track Maniacs, the GB team, if you're interested

EDIT: Character's name is "Tunguska"

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