True Successor... to what game? The pricing will tell.

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If I have to buy it and there's a monthly fee, I won't understand why there's a monthly fee, but might pay nonetheless.
If it's free "2" play, I will be somewhat upset. I do not want to be constantly reminded (in-game) that there's an in-game store. I do not want to be constantly reminded that I am at a disadvantage gameplay or social wise. Also I do not want the coolest hairs, colors, armor skins, characters, classes to be 10$ a piece, which they will inevitably be.
If I can buy it and just play until some cool piece of DLC or an expansion comes out... I would be very happy.
How much do you trust SEGA not to mess this up? Does it say "mmo" anywhere in the trailer? That'll be our answer. :P

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